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Houston Sabine Pilot Wrongful Termination Claim

Per state and local at-will employment laws, companies in Houston have the right to fire employees without notice or cause. Fortunately, there are crucial legal protections for workers against wrongful termination and retaliation. One of these protections, the Sabine Pilot doctrine, helps prevent employers from firing workers who refuse to commit an illegal act on their behalf.

At Carabin Shaw, we believe in advocating for and defending your integrity at work. If you think that Sabine Pilot might apply to you, call a lawyer at Carabin Shaw today to file a Houston Sabine Pilot wrongful termination claim.

What Is Sabine Pilot?

Sabine Pilot is a judge-made employment law that stems from a 1985 Texas Supreme Court case, Sabine Pilot Services, Inc. v. Hauck. In this case, Michael Hauck contested that his former employer, Sabine Pilot, fired him because he refused to engage in illegal acts.

An officer for Sabine Pilot told Hauck, a deckhand, that part of his daily responsibilities included pumping bilges into the waterway. Later, however, Hauck noticed a sign on the boat that said it was illegal to pump the bilges in that area. He called the U.S. Coast Guard to inquire about the accuracy of the sign, and a guardsman told Hauck that the placard was correct. Following this conversation, Hauck refused to pump the bilges, and Sabine PIlot fired him as a result.

Though Sabine Pilot testified that they fired Hauck because of other “derelictions of duty,” like refusing to swab the deck, Hauck won his case, and the court deemed his firing illegal.

Why Is a Sabine Pilot Claim Important?

Sabine Pilot is a notable exception to the employment at will laws in Houston and across Texas. It ensures that company superiors cannot intimidate other workers into crossing legal and ethical boundaries. In his concurring opinion on the ruling, Texas Supreme Court Justice William Kilgarin, wrote, “Allowing an employer to require an employee to break a law or face termination cannot help but promote a thorough disrespect for the laws and legal institutions of our society.“ Holding employers accountable for intimidation and lawbreaking ensures that we continue to live in a free and just country.

If you see similarities between your case and Michael Hauck’s, call the Houston employment lawyers of Carabin Shaw. Filing a Houston Sabine Pilot wrongful termination claim is a way of advocating not only for yourself but also for others who your employer might have put in a similar position.

What Is Your Wrongful Termination Case Worth?

When you are struggling with wrongful termination in Houston, pursuing an employment lawsuit can be daunting—especially when you are trying to rally and find another job. However, claiming a legitimate Sabine Pilot exception with the help of an attorney who can help assess your damages is worthwhile.

You may receive compensation for:

  • Loss of wages: If your employer wrongfully terminated you, losing a steady paycheck is likely your first point of concern.
  • Loss of benefits:If your employment came with medical benefits, losing your job suddenly can endanger the health of both you and your dependents. Without insurance, it might become difficult to pay for existing prescriptions or see a doctor when new health concerns arise.
  • Pain and suffering:Coping with emotional trauma, a tarnished reputation, and the like is burdensome and can have a long-term effect on you. An experienced lawyer can help you quantify some of these damages and hold your former company responsible.

Every Houston Sabine Pilot wrongful termination claim is different, so it is vital that you work with a team of legal professionals who understand Houston employment law and can help you make the most of your situation.

Call Carabin Shaw Today

If you see parallels between your firing and Michael Hauck’s, speaking with our team at Carabin Shaw should be your next step. Our Houston employment lawyers want to help you take advantage of Sabine Pilot and pursue restitution. We will not charge you unless we win your case, and your initial consultation with us is free. During this time, one of our attorneys will sit down with you and evaluate the evidence.

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