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How Much is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

In the state of Texas, it is a property owner’s responsibility to upkeep their property for invited guests. For example, San Antonio property owners must address potential slip and fall hazards such as slippery or uneven surfaces (including broken stairs, wet sidewalks, bumpy flooring, etc.). If you or a loved one were injured on the premises of a negligent property owner, you have the right to file a San Antonio slip and fall case to reclaim the full worth of your damages.

However, how are injury victims supposed to know how much their damages are worth? What is to stop greedy insurance companies or irresponsible property owners from offering victims far less than they are owed?

How to Calculate the Worth of a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

If you are asking how much is my slip and fall case worth, the following guide may be helpful in clarifying the factors that make up a slip and fall injury settlement. However, in order to get the most accurate assessment, it is important to schedule a consultation with a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

To assess the worth of your losses after a slip and fall accident, victims should:

1. Determine the Degree of the Property Owner’s Negligence Involved in Your Slip and Fall Accident

If your accident was partly your fault, you will likely receive less in your final settlement. However, if your injuries were wholly caused by an irresponsible property owner, you will be able to sue for the full extent of your losses.

2. Add Up Total Cost of Any Medical Treatments (Past and Future) Related to Your Slip And Fall Injury

The majority of damages in a slip and fall injury claim are the costs incurred from treating your injury. Be sure to document any medical treatments, procedures, medications, and attention you receive because of your slip and fall injury.

3. Determine How Much Your Injuries Have Affected Your Wage-Earning Abilities

Were you forced to temporarily or permanently leave the workforce because of your injuries? Will it be difficult for you to return to work in the near future? If so, your loss of wage-earning ability should be reflected in your settlement.

4. Decide How Much You Can Claim in Non-Economic Losses (for Example, Pain and Suffering Damages)

Once you have determined the extent of your financial losses, it is time to evaluate your non-economic damages. Any trauma, long-term pain, and emotional suffering experienced by you or your family should be accounted for in your settlement.

5. Combine the Estimated Cost of Your Economic and Non-Economic Losses Into a Final Sum

Finally, combine the sum total of your losses to estimate the amount you can expect to receive in a financial settlement. Remember that this figure is an estimate, not a guarantee of your final settlement amount.

Completing these steps is important as it will ensure the full extent of your losses are accounted for in your slip and fall claim. However, without an experienced slip and fall attorney in San Antonio on your side, there is no guarantee you will receive a fair settlement. The job of an injury lawyer is to ensure your right to fair compensation is protected, no matter the extent of your damages.

Find Out How Much Your Claim is Worth Today

In order to calculate a fair and accurate settlement claim, contact the Texas accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw. Our attorneys have specialized in Texas personal injury claims and represented hundreds of slip and fall accident victims like you. During your no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation, our injury lawyers will help you to take the aforementioned steps and file an accurate slip and fall injury claim.

To get started, call our office toll-free at 800-862-1260 to reach our English and Spanish-speaking office staff. To hear more from other slip and fall injury victims we have represented in the past, see Carabin Shaw’s client reviews.

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