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How Much is Your Car Wreck Worth in San Antonio

In the duration of an average driver’s lifetime on the road, it is estimated they will be involved in approximately four car accidents of various levels of severity. Many will not be life threatening or fatal, but they can all affect your quality of life. In a city like San Antonio that is currently experiencing an era of furious growth, those chances increase every day.

If you’ve found yourself in a San Antonio car wreck accident, you likely want to know what damages can be recovered. Depending upon a variety of circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses and injuries resulting from the accident. Typically, factors that can be used to determine how much your car wreck is worth in San Antonio include:

  • Tangible expenses accrued for injuries, repairs, or lost wages
  • Intangible damages that you may have suffered
  • Who is at fault and possible third-party liability
  • Your own individual auto insurance policy coverage
Tangible Expenses of Accident

The value of your settlement depends mostly upon the tangible costs of the accident to yourself. It is important to understand that proper documentation and evidence are crucial whenever filing a compensation claim, and the legal guidance of an attorney should always be sought to thoroughly identify how much is your car wreck worth in San Antonio. Generally, you can calculate a rough estimate of the possible compensation by taking the following rough numerical values of the accident into account:

  • Cost of vehicle repair or replacement
  • Medical costs of injuries involved
  • Other property damaged or lost
  • Cost of temporary transportation
  • Wages or income lost due to injury or lost transportation
  • Loss of expected future earnings due to disability or death
Intangible Damages

Any account of the full value of your claim should also include intangible damages. Pain and suffering damages seek to reimburse victims for mental, emotional, or physical anguish resulting from the accident, such as:

  • Physical suffering from injuries
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment due to disability
  • Grief or loss of consortium in the event of a death

To determine these damages, the suffering is assigned a value of one to five denoting its severity; a broken arm might be a one, while full body paralysis might get a five. This value is then multiplied by the associated tangible costs from the claim. This process is highly subjective, and an experienced attorney will be able to argue a just amount according to your case.

How Liability Determines Your Claim’s Value

However, when dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck in San Antonio, it is important to keep in mind that ensuring holding liable parties accountable for your compensation is only possible through your ability to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you yourself are not at-fault. This is where the services of an experienced lawyer may prove most vital.

The state of Texas assigns compensation according to comparative negligence, which means the dollar amount that you are owed decreases by significant percentages as your own culpability increases. If your fault is found to be greater than 50% of all damages accrued in the accident, your probability of success in court diminishes appreciably. In these cases, you may receive much less than the claim’s potential value, occasionally as little as nothing.

In the event that it is determined that no one can be held liable for your accident, such as in the case of a driver without insurance or a truly random act of God, your own insurance policy will determine what you receive. Even here, an attorney can be of help, as your own insurance provider can be just as reluctant as others’ to paying the full amount owed to you.

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If you have sustained serious injuries caused by a negligent driver, contact a San Antonio car wreck injury attorney from Carabin Shaw today. Our lawyers work in association with accident reconstruction experts and medical experts in order to determine the cause of your collision and how much your car wreck is worth in San Antonio. If we determine that your accident and injuries are the direct result of another party’s negligent or reckless behavior, we will stop at nothing to restore your quality of life and financial situation to what it was before the accident.

At Carabin Shaw, our team of experienced lawyers are committed to fighting for you and your family. We offer free consultations to help make our clients in San Antonio aware of all options moving forward with their claim. If you choose to have our attorneys represent your case, our fees are paid out of the compensation won, and if we don’t win, you pay nothing.

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