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How Swimming Pool Accidents Happen | Dallas Injury Attorneys

Whenever another hot Dallas summer comes around, the best way to cool off is to head to the swimming pool for some fun in the sun. Every year, though, Dallas swimming pool accidents are a cause for concern—from broken bones to lacerations to, in the worst cases, accidental drownings.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury at a North Texas swimming pool recently, consider contacting an accident lawyer in Dallas right away. In the meantime, the lawyers at Carabin Shaw want you to know how swimming pool accidents happen, how you can prevent them, who is at fault, and what steps you should take if and when they do happen.

The Nature And Causes of Dallas Swimming Pool Accidents

There are, unfortunately, many ways for people to get injured when swimming. And while a Dallas personal injury lawyer should review your case personally because they are all going to have their own unique set of circumstances, here are some of the most common causes:

  • Negligence: If there is a notable lack of supervision by adults, or negligence on behalf of a lifeguard, then there is ample room for something to go wrong.
  • Lack of Swimming Ability: Every child should be given adequate swimming lessons before they are allowed to get in the water, especially unsupervised.
  • Faulty or Damaged Equipment: In one instance, a cracked or broken diving board might lead to someone hitting their head on the side of the pool, in another instance, an improperly-installed ladder can trap a struggling swimmer under the water as they are trying to get out of the pool.
  • Uncovered or Aging Pool Drains: The tremendous suction pressure associated with pool drains can be extremely dangerous, as people’s hair, clothing, or limbs can get caught, leading to broken bones or even accidental drownings.
  • Slippery Surfaces: Obviously, the areas around a swimming pool are bound to get wet, which is why the grounds must be carefully maintained and covered with non-slip mats, or made of materials that don’t become too slippery, otherwise people can easily fall and get injured.
  • Chemical Accidents: Sometimes the chemical balance of the pool isn’t properly maintained, and people can suffer from exposure to high quantities of chlorine, causing difficulty breathing, vomiting, burning, and other injuries.
How Do I Know If I Should Contact an Accident Lawyer in Dallas?

Since there are so many ways how swimming pool accidents happen, your attorney will need to conduct a thorough investigation of your particular accident to determine liability. But in most cases, Dallas swimming pool accidents are covered under premises liability law, which means that the owners of the property have a lawful obligation to keep the grounds reasonably safe for swimmers. If they breach this duty of care by not keeping their swimming pool up to this standard of safety, then they can be held liable for your injuries.

So if you think any of the above causes apply to your situation, then contact an lawyer immediately. They will be able to help connect you with experts who can determine the value of your damages, as well as protect you from taking blame for the accident, which might hurt your case, as well as prevent you from accepting an unfair and low settlement from insurance companies.

Next Steps For Contacting an Experienced Lawyer in Dallas

After you have gathered all the materials for your case, including medical records, photograph evidence, and contact information for witnesses, you should contact an attorney. The compassionate, knowledgeable Dallas personal injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw have decades of experience with swimming pool accidents, and have recovered over $500 million for clients just like you. Please call 1-800-862-1260 today for a no cost, no obligation consultation with an accident lawyer in Dallas. We will help you fight for the justice you deserve.

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