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How to Deal with Uncertain Liability Coverage After a Laredo Car Accident

After you have been injured in a Laredo car accident because of another person’s reckless driving or negligent behavior, you are well within your rights to feel angry. Despite the damages inflicted on you by another person, Laredo car accident insurance uncertainty means that you have to fight for every bit of money that you are legally owed.

While some accidents in Laredo are cut and dry, other accidents are likely to leave you asking yourself questions like “What if I am partially at fault? “or “How is fault decided after a car accident like mine?” Each state has rules that determine these factors, and the laws that decide them can get muddy. The Texas personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw, however, are ready to help you navigate the complex regulations that surround Laredo auto collisions.

How Common are Laredo Car Accidents, Really?

Laredo may not be the first Texas city that people think of, especially between Austin, Dallas, and Houston. But Laredo in the #1 inland port along the U.S.-Mexico border, making it one of the most important, and busiest, ground transportation locations for goods in the country. With a population over 250,000, this makes for some incredibly congested highways and surface streets. The city even holds the most important truck crossing along the U.S.-Mexico border, International Bridge 4.

Each of these factors adds together, making a car accident in Laredo a potentially devastating experience both physically and emotionally.

How Does Texas Liability Operate?

Laredo, and Texas at large, has “at fault” rules for insurance. That means, after an accident, whoever is “at fault” for the accident is responsible for any and all resulting costs from the accident. Specifically, the insurance of the “at fault” party is in charge of repaying those damages.

Trusted car accident attorneys in Laredo Tx can help you to better understand these laws. At Carabin Shaw, we provide free initial case review and consultation in order to clarify important information such as this. Essentially, if another individual’s reckless behavior caused your accident, you can file your claim for financial compensation without involving your personal insurance first.

When Fault is Contested

Even with accidents that seem clear, fault will likely be contested. Our expert lawyers have experience handling uncertain liability claims, and we will readily put that experience to use fighting for your claim. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that evidence is available to prove that you were not at fault.

Report the Accident to the Police

Calling the police for a car accident can seem unnecessary to some, but it is necessary to create valid evidence for your case (it is, also, a legal requirement in accidents where someone was injured in any way). Ask the police to write a report of the accident, which our team of attorneys can use for your case.

Seek Emergency Care

Recording your injuries immediately after the crash creates evidence for your case, and a clear record of the costs associated with your injuries. Furthermore, it is important to prove that you sought medical attention as soon as possible after the injuries so that they did not worsen over time.

Take Photos

Photo evidence is a reliable form of proof in personal injury cases. The more photos you have of the accident and your injuries, and the clearer they are, the easier it is to prove the other party’s fault.

Seek Professional Support in Laredo | Carabin Shaw Auto Accident Attorneys

The single most important decision you can make when seeking financial compensation is to hire a personal injury attorney that will prioritize your best interests. Carabin Shaw’s client reviews are evidence of the victories, and settlements, that we have won for our clients.

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