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How to Strengthen Your Dog Bite Injury Claim in El Paso

In 2022, homeowners insurers paid $1,136 million in liability claims resulting from dog bites and other dog-related incidents, as reported by State Farm and the Insurance Information Institute. An El Paso dog bite injury claim could be sizable if you have suffered a terrible injury.

After auto accidents, dog bites rank second in terms of personal injury claims. An estimated 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs annually, with 800,000 of those victims reportedly needing medical attention. Texas is among the states with the greatest number of attacks that have been reported. For a comprehensive legal understanding of your rights, it is recommended that you speak with an El Paso injury lawyer.

As residents navigate the aftermath of such incidents, it is crucial to understand the legal nuances surrounding a dog bite case, especially the laws surrounding dog owner negligence in Texas.

Dog bites can result in serious injuries, leaving victims with long-lasting physical, emotional, and financial burdens. This blog will guide you through the necessary steps to navigate your injury claim in order to obtain maximum dog bite compensation in Texas.

Understanding Texas Dog Bite Laws

In Texas, dog owners are responsible for damages if they knew or had reasonable suspicion that their dog was dangerous, as per the "One Bite Rule." If you are a victim of a dog bite in El Paso, you'll need to prove that the dog had previously bitten someone else or had displayed aggressive behavior that made the attack reasonably foreseeable.

Additionally, if the owner violated any local animal control laws (such as leash requirements), they may be held responsible for negligence even if this is the dog's first bite. Contact our El Paso dog bite injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw to gain a better understanding of the laws surrounding dog bites in Texas.

Strengthening Your Dog Bite Claim
  • Document your injuries - Documenting dog bite injury evidence is essential to proving your case. Make sure to take photos of your injuries as soon as possible after the attack. Also, file a report with El Paso Animal Services by dialing 311.
  • Seek medical treatment - Some dog bites may require immediate medical attention, but even if your injuries seem mild, it's crucial to visit a healthcare professional for an assessment as soon as possible. Documentation from your doctor will provide strong evidence of the severity of your injuries.
  • Identify witnesses - If there were any individuals who witnessed the incident, make sure to collect their contact information and written statements. Witnesses can help corroborate your account of the events leading up to the attack and provide additional support for your claim.
  • To strengthen your case further, secure additional information, such as any warning signs displayed on the property by the owner implying their dog's dangers or any proof validating the animal's vaccination history.
  • Keep records - Compile detailed records of medical treatment, lost income due to time off work, and any other financial losses stemming from the dog bite incident.
Consulting a Skilled Lawyer

Consulting an experienced attorney based in El Paso will help you develop a strong legal strategy tailored to your specific situation. Our team of attorneys is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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