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How Were You Hurt? Local Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve just been injured in an accident in San Antonio, you are probably wondering what your next steps are. You may also be asking yourself if you need a lawyer. Accidents can come with a long list of things you’ll need to take care of on top of your already busy schedule. It can be confusing and time consuming.

And while you may not need an attorney for every small piece of the post-accident puzzle, it can easily become overwhelming without one. Some incidents may not require a lawyer, while with others, it will be essential. Whatever the case may be, it is generally wise to consult with experienced San Antonio accident attorneys after an accident and make a decision together about your best course of action. You’re probably asking yourself, “who is the best personal injury lawyer near me?” At Carabin Shaw, we’ve won over $500 million for our clients, and can help you have the best shot at winning your case. In this article, we’ll lay out some factors that may help you decide if you need the help of San Antonio personal injury lawyers after your injury.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

San Antonio accident attorneys have a unique skill set that can help you have the best chance at getting the money you deserve after an accident. Here are a few examples of ways in which an attorney can help you:

  1. Negotiate with the insurance companies - In San Antonio, insurance companies are often the main piece to the complex puzzle of an injury case. They will sometimes try to offer you less money than the claim is worth, delay payment, or even deny your claim altogether. Lawyers are experts at dealing with the insurance companies.Your chance of getting a settlement can be higher with legal representation.
  2. Utilize expertise of the legal system - Attorneys are experts when it comes to the courtroom, dealing with other lawyers, and understanding the complex legal system. How were you hurt? Local personal injury lawyers can help.
  3. Diving deeper into your claim - Your lawyer will go to great lengths to more deeply understand your case. They will ensure that outstanding questions have follow up and work with relevant parties such as: law enforcement, experts in the field of your specific injury, or even accident reconstruction specialists. San Antonio personal injury lawyers will fight to gather evidence and make your claim as robust as possible.
When to Hire an Injury Attorney
  1. If you have severe injuries - Severe injury cases are more complex, with more at stake for the injured party. You will need a lawyer if you are involved in a severe accident and you believe someone is at fault.
  2. If the costs start getting out of control - If your medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs are getting out of hand, you need a lawyer to help pursue damages.
  3. You are unsure about how to pursue your claim - The process after an accident can be confusing and time consuming. Lawyers are experts in making sure you get the money you deserve. How were you hurt? Local personal injury lawyers can help.
What to Do When You Decide to Hire an Attorney

You can start by searching “best personal injury lawyer near me.” You’ll need to find a lawyer that you can trust and that has a great reputation. Carabin Shaw has been serving the San Antonio community for over 25 years, and will fight for you. You should not simply choose anyone to represent you, as the result of your personal injury case could be life changing. You need someone on your side. Don’t hesitate, call us today at 210-222-2288 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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