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Hurricane Insurance Litigation Attorney

A good hurricane insurance litigation attorney is essential when you are dealing with insurance companies. The attorneys at Carabin Shaw in San Antonio work to hold insurance companies accountable when they fail to properly pay legitimate claims. We all know that insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Some companies are corrupt and refuse to pay claims, an unethical attempt to exploit those hurting most. Carabin Shaw aggressively represents our clients in claims against insurance companies, large and small.

Although San Antonio is not exposed to the coast like some Texas cities, we are still vulnerable to water damage and wind damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. For example, when Tropical Storm Bill passed over San Antonio in June 2015, roads flooded, debris from heavy winds littered the city, and property was damaged. If your claim involves property damage caused by a hurricane or a tropical storm, you are entitled to collect the benefits of a legitimate insurance claim as led by an expert hurricane insurance litigation attorney.

After natural disasters like Tropical Storm Bill in San Antonio, you might find yourself embattled against an insurance company over hurricane insurance claims. When an insurance company refuses to pay, Carabin Shaw’s team of attorneys are here for you. We collect all relevant information and documentation, and thoroughly review your insurance policy. Then we push your insurance company to pay. If your company refuses to pay the claim, our lawyers are fully prepared to litigate your insurance dispute in court because we know that insurance companies have designed hurricane insurance in a way that is deliberately confusing.

Hurricane insurance is difficult to understand for several reasons. For starters, the same kind of homeowners’ insurance policy that covers one type of damage will not cover another. Homeowners’ insurance, for example, will take care of wind damage but not flood damage. To make matters even more complicated, homeowners need to buy two separate insurance policies for flood damage--one policy takes care of building damage and one policy takes care of personal property damage.

Now here is the rub: Many people would not distinguish their house from their personal property. They would say that their mortgaged home is their personal property. And what counts as personal property isn’t always clear. For example, a built-in microwave would be protected by building insurance. But a portable one would fall into the nebulous category of “personal property.” Yet built-in and portable microwaves are ultimately the same appliance, so homeowners rightfully assume that the same kind of insurance would cover both.

Common sense would tell you that flood insurance should cover all water damage. After all, water is the element of destruction in a flood. But greed, not common sense, is the compass of insurance companies, so, as if to set a trap, they have contrived another baffling distinction—between flood damage and a variety of other kinds of water damage. For example, there is a difference between flood damage and rain damage. Flood insurance will not take care of mold or ceiling-leaks caused by the sheets of rain that fall during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Hurricane insurance is like a legal puzzle, and after hurricanes and tropical storms clear, homeowners scramble to put together the scattered pieces of this puzzle as they rebuild and move on. The burden insurance companies place on homeowners is not just unnecessary, it is immoral. Insurance companies prey upon victims of natural disasters, and those effected by natural disasters often feel abandoned when they are in dire need of help. But you are not alone; the attorneys of Carabin Shaw are here to fight with and for you. We are your allies.

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