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Injured From a Defective Product? San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, defective products cause more than 20,000 deaths and approximately three million injuries each year. Our San Antonio product liability lawyers at Carabin Shaw know all too well how devastating these types of injuries can be. If you were injured from a defective product, here’s everything you need to know to figure out your next steps.

What Makes a Product Defective?

A product is defective when its design, manufacturing, or label leads the user to physical harm (or even death). To be considered defective, though, the product must have been used as intended and must be “unreasonably” dangerous to the user in these circumstances.

Some products are considered unavoidably unsafe; that is, to fulfill their intended function, these products will always be inherently dangerous. For instance, knives must be sharp to provide utility. So, although all knives are hazardous to some extent, a knife wouldn’t be considered “unreasonably” dangerous unless it had a handle that broke during ordinary use or some similar defect.

What’s important to remember is that any product—even seemingly harmless ones—can become dangerous in the event of defects. Generators, laundry packets, furniture, appliances, batteries, phones, tools, toys, medication, and medical implants are just some of the types of products that have injured users through defects in recent years.

What is Product Liability Law?

Product liability law is the set of legal rules that dictate who is responsible for defective products. Because there is no federal product liability law, product liability claims rely on state laws, which is why it’s crucial to choose a lawyer who practices in the state where you were injured. If you were hurt in San Antonio, you need to hire a San Antonio personal injury attorney.

Types of Defective Products

Products can be defective for the following reasons:

  1. Design Defects: Products that are dangerous due to flaws in their design have design defects. For example, a child’s toy that contains choking hazards, or a piece of furniture with uneven legs that is consequently unstable.
  2. Marketing Defects: If a product was improperly labeled, lacked sufficient operating instructions, or did not have a safety warning at all, it falls under the category of marketing defects. For example, if a medication causes dangerous side effects when taken with another drug, this information must be included on its label; if the warning is absent, this is a marketing defect.
  3. Manufacturing Defects: As the name suggests, products with this type of defect are faulty due to the way they were manufactured. If a part were installed or assembled improperly or not installed when it should have been, this would be considered a manufacturing defect.
Finding an Attorney Near You

If you live in San Antonio and are searching for “the best personal injury lawyer near me,” look no further than Carabin Shaw. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney in San Antonio can help you take action against the responsible parties. Depending on the extent and type of your injury, you may be able to sue the producer, product designer, manufacturer, or the seller of the product that harmed you.

At Carabin Shaw, we believe you have the right to the best possible legal representation, and that you deserve to have your case handled compassionately and effectively by your lawyer. Founded in 1992, we are the preeminent personal injury law firm in Texas, and our San Antonio accident attorneys have handled numerous product liability cases over the past 25 years. Our team will fight to secure the maximum possible compensation for your claim.

For a free consultation with our expert attorneys call 210-222-2288 or 800-862-1260 today. Learn what our San Antonio injury lawyers can do for you.

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