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Injured in a Dallas Auto Accident? What to do Next

When you get into a car accident in Dallas Texas, it can greatly impact your life. Car wrecks often lead to injuries ranging from mild to severe that come with large medical bills and can leave you unable to work. These problems are unfair. After a Dallas Texas car accident, you need to win damages for what you’ve suffered. An auto accident attorney serving Dallas can help. Carabin Shaw is a firm that’s been serving car accident victims for nearly three decades, and we know how to get justice for our clients.

What to do After an Auto Accident

Not everyone knows what steps to take after an auto accident, but your actions can affect the outcome of your case. Injured in a Dallas auto accident? What to do next is listed below:

  1. Protect the scene - Immediately after an accident in Dallas Texas, make sure everyone is safe. Turn your flashers on to try to avoid further accidents, and get out of harm’s way. Keeping the scene intact will be important for the police when they make the accident report.
  2. Contact the police - After an accident, by law you have to call the police unless the total damages amount to less than $1,000. When the police arrive, they will create an accident report that includes their account of what happened in the accident, an accident diagram, the contact and insurance information of each driver, witness contact information, and vehicle descriptions. The police report will be one of the primary pieces of evidence your injury attorney in Dallas will use to make your case.
  3. Seek medical attention - Dallas Texas car accidents often lead to serious injuries. No matter how you feel, it’s important to be seen by a doctor to assess your health after a crash. Sometimes, injuries can take days or even weeks to show up. A visit to the doctor or hospital will give you a professional evaluation of your injuries and get you on the quickest road to recovery. This visit will also be documented in your medical records, which will be another key piece of evidence for your attorney to prove your damages.
  4. Document evidence - In addition to your medical record and the police report, you’ll want as much evidence as you can gather. While you’re at the accident scene, take photographs and jot down your own notes about what happened. Write down the location of the accident, any unique features about the roadway, the weather conditions, and anything else that you think might be relevant. If you’ve sustained injuries, be sure to take photographs of them and make a journal about their development. All of this evidence will be useful for your lawyer.
  5. Never admit fault - Inevitably, you’re going to have to talk to insurers. When you do, it’s imperative that you never admit fault. If you do, you may end up having to settle for much less than you deserve. Insurers may seem like they have your best interest in mind, but ultimately they make more money if they have to pay you less. One of the benefits of working with an auto accident attorney serving Dallas is that they can talk to insurers on your behalf.
  6. Protect your rights - After an accident, you have rights you may not be aware of. Insurers will want to immediately take a statement, but you don’t have to before receiving legal counsel from an injury attorney in Dallas. Also, a lawyer can write a preservation letter to the necessary parties on your behalf, ensuring that no evidence gets lost or destroyed.
A Texas Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Injured in a Dallas auto accident? What to do next is seek legal representation. At Carabin Shaw, we promise to fight for our clients harder than any other law firm. If you want justice, call us for a free consultation at 1-800-862-1260 to speak with an experienced attorney.

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We are very glad we called Carabin Shaw after our accident. We now recommend them to everyone. - Griselda S.
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We did our research after our accident and chose Carabin Shaw. They were great. Highly recommend. Joel Y.