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Injured in a San Antonio Trucking Accident Caused by Inadequate Surveillance?

Inadequate surveillance in a commercial vehicle occurs when a commercial truck driver is required to look both ways cautiously in order to safely complete a maneuver on the road and fails to look, or perhaps looks but does not see a chain of alternative events developing in front of him or herself. On San Antonio’s busy highways, a failure to remain vigilant before moving the truck on the road can have disastrous consequences, especially at high speeds. This includes lane changes or turns at intersections where the driver fails to see approaching traffic.

If you or a loved one are injured in a San Antonio trucking accident caused by inadequate surveillance and you are in or around the San Antonio region, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the attorneys at Carabin Shaw today for a free consultation on your case and learn more about protecting your rights. Types of inadequate surveillance include:

  • Truck driver inattentiveness
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Truck driver substance abuse (drug/alcohol related impairment)
  • Failure to account for blind spots

A recent study found that 14% of truck crashes were caused by incidents of inadequate surveillance. Because of the weight difference in vehicles of this magnitude, a failure or negligence by a commercial trucker to drive defensively could cause serious injuries or even death to other drivers sharing the road. If this has happened to you, a San Antonio inadequate surveillance accident attorney from Carabin Shaw is here to put your troubles to rest. Our San Antonio lawyers are prepared to assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Know the No-Zone

Large commercial trucks have an area known as a “no-zone”, which is a blind spot flanking both sides of their rig that is so large that an entire passenger vehicle, sometimes even multiple vehicles, can completely disappear from the truck driver’s view as it passes.

Approximately one-third of all crashes and collisions between large trucks and other cars on the road occur within this zone. Rearview mirrors and multiple reflective tools in the cab implemented in order to expand the driver’s line of sight do not always amend every single blind spot within his/her vantage point.

A failure to focus due to the inattentiveness of the truck driver, or even a simple lack of awareness of this “no-zone,” can cause him or her to veer into other drivers’ lanes. A vehicle this large drifting towards a smaller passenger car may force the smaller car off the road, or even completely sideswipe the vehicle with fatal results.

Other Hazardous Aspects of Commercial Trucks

Because of the weight of a truck, it takes much longer for an 18-wheeler or commercial truck to stop, slow down, and maneuver in case of emergency. Because of this, these drivers must always be looking about 15 seconds ahead, so that they may respond early, smoothly, and avoid dangerous, abrupt braking situations. Many times, the truck driver fails to do so, leaving little reaction time and thus causing severe accidents.

Potential results of inadequate surveillance can be devastating. Just because a commercial or 18-wheeler trucker should be doing something like clearing both sides of the road before dramatic movements, doesn’t mean they are. Thus, the results of accidents caused by inadequate surveillance could have severe consequences for occupants of surrounding vehicles. Thankfully, if you are injured in a San Antonio trucking accident caused by inadequate surveillance, Carabin Shaw is here for you. Our San Antonio attorneys will stand by you throughout the compensation process if you have been injured or lost someone in a truck accident.

Call Carabin Shaw Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in a San Antonio trucking accident caused by inadequate driver from the operator of a large commercial vehicle or 18-wheeler, contact a San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw. Our dedicated team of lawyers knows and understands the federal rules and regulations that truck drivers, as well as the trucking companies that employ them, must follow.

Don’t let the fact that you have been injured in a San Antonio trucking accident caused by inadequate surveillance affect your ability to live a full life following the incident. Call a Carabin Shaw attorney today at 210-222-2288, or toll-free at 800-862-1260, and receive your free case consultation.

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