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Laredo Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit

Located on the north bank of the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas exemplifies the fusion of Texas and Mexican heritage. The rich architectural landscape—composed of Mexican, American, and Spanish Colonial structures—speaks to the dynamic social and cultural history of Laredo, Texas.

The city is home to a booming arts scene that celebrates theater and local artists, and it also hosts popular annual celebrations, like the month-long tribute to George Washington, which draws around 400,000 visitors in February alone.

Given the history, cultural celebrations, and arts, it is no wonder that visitors come to Laredo, Texas in droves. Little do they know, however, that their stay might lead them to pursue a Laredo hotel carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit.

Because Texas law does not require hotels and motels to install carbon monoxide detectors in guest rooms, people who stay in our state risk carbon monoxide exposure. If you or someone you love has been adversely affected by the lax regulations Texas has regarding hotel and motel carbon monoxide detectors, the Carabin Shaw carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers in Laredo promise to protect your rights and fight for justice on your behalf.

Carbon Monoxide Exposure: What You Need to Know

If you are staying in Laredo, Texas, you should be aware of the causes, symptoms, and risks associated with carbon monoxide—both as a preventative measure and to ascertain how a lawyer can help you if you experience carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas released by fuel-burning equipment and appliances. In less severe cases, carbon monoxide makes people sick. However, prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide causes permanent damage to the brain and nervous system and may even result in death.

The most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning mimic the flu even though exposed parties are not feverish. Visitors staying in Laredo should be on the lookout for:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Muscle weakness
  • Chest pain
  • Confusion

People who have consumed alcohol or gone to sleep can die from protracted exposure to carbon monoxide before they exhibit or register their symptoms.

Both doctors and attorneys know that nobody is immune to the adverse effects of carbon monoxide. In fact, the CDC reports that about 50,000 people visit hospitals every year for carbon monoxide poisoning, and at least 430 people die from inhaling too much carbon monoxide.

The Laredo injury lawyers with Carabin Shaw are aware of how serious carbon monoxide poisoning can be and are here to help pursue a Laredo hotel carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit on your behalf.

What are the Results of a Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit?

Any experienced lawyer will tell you that the failure of hotels to provide carbon monoxide detectors is an issue that affects Texas tourists. If you are wondering how to handle a hotel carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit in Laredo, the attorneys at Carabin Shaw want you to know that there is a precedent for compensation in these cases.

Let’s look at a lawsuit in another state with negligent regulations on carbon monoxide detectors:

In 2013, a carbon monoxide leak at a Best Western hotel in Boone, North Carolina proved deadly several times over. Couple Daryl and Shirley Jenkins died from carbon monoxide exposure that stemmed from a faulty pool heater. Six weeks later, an 11-year old boy named Jeffrey Williams passed away in the exact same room as the Jenkins family; his mother, Jeannie, suffered a brain injury.

Both the Jenkins and Williams families employed a team of lawyers to file wrongful death and injury suits. Their combined settlement totaled $16.4 million. While nothing can replace the lives lost, the lawsuit helped loved ones seek justice and closure.

Employing the Laredo Accident Attorneys at Carabin Shaw

Because of the lenient state laws regarding carbon monoxide detectors, visitors to Laredo, Texas are not protected from the same threats that stole the lives of Daryl and Shirley Jenkins and Jeffrey Williams.

If you or a loved one experienced injury or death due to carbon monoxide poisoning and are seeking a lawyer, look no further than the team at Carabin Shaw.

Your initial consultation with our firm is free, and we pledge that will not charge you unless we win your case.

To speak with a lawyer in Laredo, Texas, call 956-333-3333 or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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