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Laredo Texas Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers

Laredo carbon monoxide (CO) poisonings are among the leading causes of accidental deaths in Texas today, and the gas’ invisible nature makes the prevalence of these poisonings difficult for many people to grasp. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas with no taste, which is why so many safety precautions are encouraged in places where it might be present. Despite the mostly preventable nature of CO poisonings, the U.S. still averages about 440 accidental (non fire-related) CO deaths per year, with southern states like Texas accounting for 37% of these deaths.

The medical bills from a carbon monoxide poisoning or exposure can pile up quickly, and it can be made doubly hard if you or your loved ones are missing work to recover from your symptoms. In many cases, fault can be found with an employer or equipment manufacturer whose negligence contributes to your carbon monoxide poisoning.

Experienced representation, like the Laredo attorneys at Carabin Shaw, can help you navigate the aftermath of such an accident and secure the damages you deserve. We offer free case reviews/initial consultations, and we don’t get paid until we win for you.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From? Where Do Poisonings Happen?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide are often confused with one another. Unlike the former, carbon monoxide does not occur naturally; it is created when fuel like propane, gas, wood, or charcoal is burned. This means that CO poisonings can happen both at home and in many kinds of workplaces.

At home, several common appliances create carbon monoxide and can be dangerous if they are improperly filtered or running in a room with poor ventilation:

  • Wood stoves/fireplaces
  • Gas stoves/ovens
  • Gas heaters/fireplaces
  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Clothes dryers
  • Space heaters
  • Gas generators

Forklifts, floor polishers, air compressors, and any gas-powered equipment in the workplace will create carbon monoxide. That is why it is imperative for business owners in industries like construction, warehouses, and vehicle repair to ensure that all machines and indoor spaces are effectively (and legally) ventilated.

While there is a degree of personal responsibility when dealing with carbon monoxide, other parties may be at fault in certain cases. Sometimes an employer’s facilities are not up to code; in other cases, manufacturers of detectors or appliances in the home have produced faulty equipment and can be found liable. An experienced personal injury lawyer, like those essential to the success of Carabin Shaw, will know how to win you the maximum compensation you’re owed.

CO Poisoning Symptoms and What to Do if You Are Exposed

The CDC outlines the following symptoms as most common for those experiencing a carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • General weakness
  • Nausea

These symptoms can be fatally mistaken as flu-like. Prolonged or excessive exposure to this gas causes victims to pass out and eventually die. If you believe you or your family has been exposed to carbon monoxide, get to fresh air as quickly and safely as you can. Then, consult a doctor to treat your injuries. If you decide we’re the right advocates for your case, our Laredo carbon monoxide poisoning attorneys will contact the medical team treating you to help better determine the damages you can receive.

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