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Laredo Tx Dog Bite FAQs

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious dog bite in Laredo? Dog bites attacks can be incredibly traumatic for victims and their families. After receiving any necessary medical attention, victims may be unsure what to do to seek justice for their injuries.

Over the past thirty years, Carabin Shaw attorneys have answered thousands of accident victims’ most vital questions and concerns. If you want to learn more about Laredo dog bite injury claims, Carabin Shaw dog bite attorneys have compiled our most commonly asked questions regarding dog bite injury claims.

FAQs: Laredo Dog Bite Injuries Q: How Common Are Dog Bite Injuries?

A: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report approximately 4.5 million dog attacks and/or bites. Children are the most common recipients for dog aggression because of their small size and lack of awareness around animals. The city of Laredo is home to millions of dogs, the majority of which are loyal, obedient companions. However, this does not mean that hundreds of Laredo citizens are not severely injured by dog bites/attacks every year.

Q: How Does the City of Laredo Regulate Ownership of Dangerous Dogs?

A: Laredo’s municipal code clearly outlines certain restrictions regarding dangerous dogs. For example, Article V outlines the steps owners must take upon learning that they have a “dangerous dog” (i.e. a dog that has attacked a victim unprovoked). Failure to take these steps could result in criminal charges in addition to financial penalties from a civil suit.

Q: What Injuries Are Common in Dog Bite Attacks?

A: Aggressive dogs most commonly attack the body parts of the victim closest to them. In most cases, this is the face or hands. These bites can develop complications such as sepsis, hypertrophic scarring, or nerve/muscle damage. In extreme cases, dog attacks can result in fatality (particularly when the victim is a child under five).

Q: When Is a Laredo Dog Owner Considered Liable for the Dog’s Behavior?

A: In the state of Texas, a dog owner’s liability can be summarized by the “one-bite rule.” If a dog has previously bitten or attacked someone, their owner must take reasonable steps to prevent future incidents (such as muzzling their dog while out in public or keeping their dog away from strangers). If an owner takes no precautions and their dog attacks another victim, they can be held fully responsible for the victim’s injuries.

Q: How Can the Laredo Tx Dog Bite Attorneys of Carabin Shaw Help Me Recover My Losses?

A: By filing your dog bite injury claim, establishing the full extent of your damages, proving the dog owner’s liability for your injuries, and representing you throughout the process of settlement negotiations, our injury attorneys can ensure that your right to fair compensation is protected.

Q: When Should I File My Dog Bite Injury Claim?

A: You should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible after your attack. In Laredo, the statute of limitations for dog bite attacks is two years from the date of injury.

The Laredo Dog Bite Attorneys at Carabin Shaw Can Answer Your Questions | Free Case Review

If you have more questions regarding your options after a serious dog bite injury, the attorneys of Carabin Shaw can help. Our team of personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of Laredo accident victims like you receive fair compensation for their physical, financial, and emotional losses.

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