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Laredo Types of Elder Abuse and Negligence

There are an estimated two million cases of elder abuse taking place every year in the United States, most of which go unreported. This unfortunate fact has resulted in suffering, injuries, and even fatalities to those who have fallen victim to elder abuse or neglect, including the elderly in Laredo. Being cognizant of the possible Laredo types of elder abuse and neglect can be key in spotting the abuse that could be happening to your loved one and help you to stop it before it leads to serious injury or fatality.

Types of elder abuse and neglect in Laredo can come in many forms, and if you are suspicious that your loved one is suffering due to any one of them, contact a Laredo nursing home abuse lawyer immediately to ensure your loved one’s safety is protected. Our elderly population deserves to be treated fairly, and they deserve an experienced attorney to fight for them when they no longer can do so for themselves.

Laredo Types of Elder Abuse and Neglect

  • Physical: Physical abuse is the wrongful use of physical force against a victim that can result in bodily pain, injury, or impairment. Physical abuse can come in the form of hitting, pushing, beating, striking, and other forms of violent contact. Some signs that your loved one in Laredo is subject to physical abuse can include bruises, abrasions or fractures on your loved one’s body. Remain alert for signs of physical abuse when visiting your loved one.
  • Emotional/Psychological: Emotional and psychological abuse can come in a variety of forms. This can include isolating the elderly from activities and social settings, as well as menacing or humiliating the elderly by calling them names or inappropriately disciplining them. It can also include the abuse of control, in which the caregiver refuses to give them access to their money, transportation, or basic necessities.
  • Neglect: Most people are unaware that the most common form of elder abuse is neglect. Neglect occurs when the caregiver in Laredo fails to fulfill their caretaking obligations, such as failing to meet the resident’s needs for medical care, shelter, hygiene, clothing, and nutrition. It can also include an insufficient staff in the facility to provide for the needs of the elderly or a failure to provide a safe environment to live in.
  • Financial: Financial abuse is the illegal or improper use of an elder’s assets or resources. This can include depriving an elder person of their rightful access to their benefits, money, or belongings, or even forging the signature of the resident to benefit an employee. Pay attention to your loved ones belongings, and see to it that their bank statements are still coming to them and that they are aware of their financial status. If they are unaware of their finances or seem to be missing property or money, it could be a sign of financial abuse.
  • Sexual: Sexual abuse is the unwanted touching or interaction of any kind with the elderly. The elderly are often unable to speak up or fight back against their abusers, leaving them helpless victims of sexual abuse. If your loved one in Laredo is exhibiting a radical change in behavior or complaining of pain in their thighs or genital areas, they could be a victim of sexual abuse, and you should contact an experienced attorney immediately.

The five examples above are a few instances of the most common forms of elder abuse and neglect; however, other forms do exist and are inflicted on a daily basis upon the vulnerable elderly population. If you are even suspicious of the abuse or neglect of your loved one in a Laredo nursing facility, you should contact an experienced attorney to regain the justice and safety your loved one deserves.

Laredo nursing home negligence can result in extreme mental or physical trauma and can even result in death if allowed to continue. The team of attorneys with Carabin Shaw are experienced fighting nursing home negligence cases and are passionate about the rights of the elderly.

Our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that the perpetrators of elder abuse and neglect are brought to justice. Contact the Carabin & Shaw team today for a free consultation at 956.333.3333.

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