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Large Truck Mechanical Failures | El Paso 18 Wheeler Accidents

18-wheelers are responsible for transporting over 70% of the nation’s goods, which is why when you’re driving on the highway in El Paso, you’re likely to encounter numerous big rigs. Unfortunately, drivers and the companies they work for often neglect to keep up with vehicle maintenance, which can lead to large truck mechanical failures. If you or a loved one has been the victim of one of the many El Paso 18 wheeler accidents, there are people who can help. Our team at Carabin Shaw aggressively fights for victims and their families, and our care has lead to over 36,000 wins for people like you in personal injury cases. We are the El Paso truck accident lawyers you can count on, and our experience has taught us the most common reasons that cause mechanical failures in 18 wheelers.

Common Mechanical Failures

Although The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires trucking companies and their drivers to inspect their trucks closely before they get on the road, many companies and drivers ignore these regulations for one simple reason: money. The quicker they get on the road and the more miles they drive, the more money they make, regardless of the dangers this negligence can create. As El Paso truck accident lawyers, we firmly believe this is unacceptable. Talk to an attorney if you’ve been involved in a wreck with a big rig.

Sadly, most El Paso 18 wheeler accidents could have been prevented because they are caused by mechanical failure, which is usually attributed to one of the following:

  • Lights and Conspicuity - Vehicle visibility at night is critical for driver safety on the road. All lights on a truck must be properly maintained so the truck driver and other drivers have ample visibility. The FMCSA also has specific conspicuity requirements, meaning trucks must use reflective material to ensure other drivers can see them. A lawyer can assist you if you had an accident with a big rig due to poor visibility.
  • Tires - One of the most common causes of accidents with big rigs in El Paso is tire failure. When a tire blows out, it shifts a truck’s center of gravity, leaving a truck driver with only seconds to regain control of his vehicle. If he doesn’t, it could lead to a serious accident. A trucking attorney serving El Paso will know what to do if your accident with an 18-wheeler was caused by a tire failure.
  • Brakes - 18-wheelers, due to their size, have complicated braking systems that require regular upkeep. If they are not routinely maintained, the brakes can malfunction, and an 18-wheeler will be unable to slow or stop, leading to serious consequences. A number of parties could be liable when brakes malfunction, including the driver, the trucking company, the mechanic, or the product manufacturer. To learn more about who is responsible, speak with a lawyer.
  • Engine - When a truck engine fails, drivers are required to pull off the road and wait for maintenance. Drivers also have to use warning markers such as flares to signal to other drivers that they have stalled out.

If you’ve been involved in an 18-wheeler accident due to mechanical failure, contact a truck accident lawyer in El Paso.

The Lawyers Who Are Here For You

El Paso 18 wheeler accidents caused by a mechanical failure can be especially emotionally difficult because many times it could have been prevented if the vehicle was properly maintained. At Carabin Shaw, we know this pain all too well, but we also know how to help. Winning in court will get you the compensation you deserve, which can ease the financial troubles that come along with a tragedy such as this. Speak with an attorney at our firm today to begin on your path to justice.

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