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Legal Recourse for Rideshare Assault Victims in San Antonio TX

Many people who have used Uber or Lyft for transportation have had an awkward or uncomfortable experience. However, an ever-increasing number of riders are reporting instances of physical assault. In these terrible situations, it is important to know that support is available for victims, and that the San Antonio personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw are here to fight for you.

Few circumstances are as horrifying as getting into a vehicle with a stranger, trusting that person to care for you, and having that person break that trust. If you or someone you love has experienced assault at the hands of an Uber/Lyft driver, a rideshare assault lawyer in San Antonio TX can help you hold the driver liable.

Rideshare Assaults in San Antonio Texas

Both Uber and Lyft are required, by law, to report instances of assault committed by their drivers. Uber reported 20 assaults that resulted in fatalities in 2019-2020, while Lyft reported 10 fatal assaults between 2017-2019.

However, both of these companies only include fatal assault incidents in their reports. Legal help for rideshare assault victims is required far more often than these numbers would imply. This is especially true in cities like San Antonio, where its large population and sprawling cityscape contribute to extensive rideshare usage.

How a San Antonio Rideshare Crime Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Cases against Uber/Lyft drivers who have committed physical assault often result in more than just criminal charges. While a criminal case against an Uber/Lyft driver can penalize them for their crimes, such cases rarely result in compensation for the victim.

The Carabin Shaw attorneys for rideshare assault can help you bring a civil case against your attacker in conjunction with a criminal case. In San Antonio, three types of claims can be brought against an attacker in a civil court.

1. Infliction of Bodily Injury Through Physical Contact

This type of assault relies on four aspects:

  • The attacker acted knowingly or recklessly.
  • The attacker made physical contact with the victim.
  • The injuries sustained were foreseeable.
  • The victim suffered physical injuries, illness, or impairment as a direct result of the contact.

One of the most common categories of physical assault, our team will help you to gather evidence and hold your attacker liable for their actions.

2. Infliction of Offensive Contact

Offensive contact does not result in physical illness or injury. Most commonly, this category refers to sexual assault. Offensive contact includes the following circumstances:

  • The attacker acted knowingly or with intent.
  • The attacker made contact with the victim.
  • The attacker should have reasonably known that the victim would consider the contact offensive.
  • The contact resulted in mental or emotional damage.
3. The Threat of Bodily Injury

In many cases, a lawyer can help you bring a case against a rideshare driver even if there was no physical contact. In such cases, the victim must prove the following:

  • The Uber/Lyft driver acted intentionally or knowingly.
  • The victim was threatened with bodily injury.
  • The victim would have sustained injuries and damages had the threat been actualized.
  • The victim suffered mental or emotional damage because of the threat.

A trusted attorney can help you identify which category is correct for you. For more information about the categories of physical assault claims, call our English and Spanish-speaking staff, available 24/7 and toll-free, at 800-862-1260.

Uber/Lyft Physical Assault Law Firm in San Antonio | Free Case Review with Carabin Shaw

You are entitled to the resources and time necessary to pursue compensation and justice after a rideshare assault incident. To best provide these, we offer a free case review for victims of rideshare assault.

Furthermore, to ensure that financial strains do not inhibit your ability to seek support, we offer our services on a contingency-fee basis.

Your path towards holding your attacker responsible for their actions, and winning compensation for the damages you suffered, begins with an initial consultation. Visit Carabin Shaw reviews to see evidence of our quality services.

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