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Most Common Personal Injury Claims: San Antonio Attorney

When someone else’s negligence harms you, you may be entitled to compensation. Speaking with a lawyer in San Antonio can help you understand your rights and what actions to take when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

At Carabin Shaw, we know how to represent San Antonians and fight not only for their rights but also for their families’ rights. We know Texas personal injury law, so we know how to win what you deserve. If you are worried about the most common personal injury claims, a San Antonio attorney can help.

Common Types of Personal Injury

1) Car Accidents:Car and motorcycle accidents are the most common cause of injury in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents usually occur because someone is breaking a traffic law, which makes someone at fault for the crash. Whoever is at fault is then responsible for both property damage (damages to vehicle) and personal injury damage (compensation for any injuries sustained). It is important to note that Texas, unlike many states, is a “shared fault state,” meaning that people can be found partially at fault for car wrecks, which affects the amount of money one can receive in court. For example, if you were found to be 20% at fault for the accident and the jury wanted to award you $20,000, you would only receive $16,000.

2) Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider fails to give you competent care and injuries you as a result. Although recent studies show medical malpractice is declining, the amount awarded for cases has gone up. The average settlement, usually settled outside of court, is $425,000. Juries typically award $1,000,000 or more. If you experience medical malpractice, contact our lawyers for personal injury claims advice.

3) Workplace Claims: All San Antonio employers are legally responsible for providing a safe, hygienic workplace. Jobs that require the operation of heavy or dangerous machinery tend to have more severe accidents. The failure to maintain a safe workplace or to properly train employees makes your employer responsible for any injuries you sustain. Contact San Antonio personal injury lawyers today if you were injured at work.

4) Faulty Products: If a defective product causes you injury, you may be able to hold the company financially liable. Unlike other personal injury claims, product liability claims fall under what is known as “strict liability,” which means victims do not have to prove someone else was at fault, only that the product was faulty, you were properly using it, and using that defective product caused your injury. San Antonio personal injury lawyers can help you prove this claim in court.

5) Slip and Fall Claims:Property owners are required to keep their premises safe. If you fall and hurt yourself on someone else’s property, you may have a slip and fall claim, known as a Premises Liability case. Even if you were injured on someone else’s property, the personal injury law in Texas makes it difficult to win. If you have slipped and fallen on someone else’s property, discussing your case with an attorney is in your best interest.

If You Have a Personal Injury, Call an Attorney Today

Being injured by someone else’s negligence is not fair. If you’ve experienced any of the above most common personal injury claims, a San Antonio attorney can help you secure justice. If you need the best personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, then you need Carabin Shaw. We offer free consultations to hear your case and help you understand your options. Each lawyer on our team has experience with various personal injury cases, so we are your best bet for getting what you deserve.

Let our team at Carabin Shaw take care of you. We are the San Antonio personal injury law firm on which you can count. Call us today at 1-210-222-2288 or toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

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