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Navigating Long-Term Effects After a Serious Truck Collision in Laredo Tx

In Texas, over one in ten motor vehicle accidents involve large trucks. And because heavy machinery increases the severity of accidents, highways with high truck traffic—like US-83 in Laredo’s Webb County—are settings for many devastating collisions.

If you’ve survived a serious truck accident in Laredo, you’re likely also adapting to a life that’s very different from what it was before. To secure what you need to thrive, the experienced team at the Texas law firm Carabin Shaw helps you seek compensation for every long-term consequence of your accident.

Long-Term Effects of Large Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents often involve serious injuries and fatalities, but what exactly does that mean for survivors? For example, you’re likely facing debilitating medical expenses. But your attorney knows that you’re tackling far more than just hospital bills when navigating long-term effects after a serious truck collision in Laredo, TX.

Physical Injuries and Disabilities from Semi-Truck Collisions

Truck accidents are a leading cause of catastrophic injuries. These injuries are sudden, permanent, and severely affect your livelihood.

However, even if your injuries aren’t classified as catastrophic, they can still require ongoing care, cause chronic pain, and result in permanent impairments. For many motor vehicle injuries, healing is a complex process that continues throughout your life.

Mental and Emotional Strain of Accident Trauma

The physical injuries and financial strain from a truck accident in Laredo are also stressors for the mind.

Sometimes, survivors receive psychological diagnoses such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression. But you and your surviving family might also suffer from less tangible disruptions. For instance, you could experience less joy or feel strain in your relationships. These types of suffering constitute “non-economic damages” that you can recover in a settlement.

Financial Burdens Related to Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Quantifying the complete financial impact of your accident is a nuanced task. Your truck accident attorney in Laredo ensures that all future costs are considered in the calculation of your so-called “economic damages.”

Although you may fear the financial and emotional strain of a long legal process, Carabin Shaw strives to relieve your burden with a free case review and initial consultation. During this early stage, we offer advice that considers all of your needs. To contact our supportive bilingual staff 24/7 at no cost to you, call 800-862-1260.

Getting Enough Compensation for Long-Term Consequences

Carabin Shaw’s client reviews illustrate everything we do to achieve fair compensation. For example, we work to form irrefutable arguments showing that you weren’t at fault and deserve to recover all your damages.

Proving Fault in a Semi-Truck Accident

In a recent national survey, 24 percent of long-haul truck drivers reported that they work despite fatigue, and 38 percent thought their training was insufficient. Several factors like these can contribute to severe accidents involving large trucks. A Laredo, TX, tractor-trailer accident lawyer gathers evidence of such negligence to show that another party is responsible for your suffering.

Identifying Your Long-Term Needs as Damages

Only your lawyer can explain all recoverable damages in your specific case. However, damages in large truck accidents might include the following:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Costs of rehabilitation and in-home care
  • Loss of future wages if your disability prevents you from working
  • Loss of consortium due to relationship strain
  • Compensation for wrongful death if you’ve lost a loved one to a collision
Finding Ongoing Support for Your Semi-Truck Accident Injuries

Our team in Laredo negotiates with insurance and represents you in court if necessary. But we also go beyond, helping you access the right care and every possible legal benefit. Call the toll-free number 800-862-1260 to learn how Carabin Shaw can support you.

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