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New Mexico Daycare Sexual Abuse

No parent should have to worry about the safety of their child at a New Mexico daycare. And yet, sobering reports about maltreatment and abuse within daycare centers abound. In 2017 alone, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that more than 2,000 daycare providers had been guilty of abusing or neglecting children within their facilities. When this abuse is sexual in nature, it has an especially damaging and long-lasting impact on a child’s health and wellbeing.

Thankfully, victims and their families don’t have to face the aftermath of daycare sexual abuse alone. The New Mexico daycare injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw are committed to educating survivors about their legal rights and fighting for the compensation they deserve. With the guidance of our experienced attorneys, families can expect to hold all liable parties responsible and maximize the value of their financial settlements.

How Will I Know if My Child Is Being Abused?

In some cases, physical evidence that sexual abuse has taken place will be easily noticed by a parent. Common physical signs of abuse include torn or blood-stained clothing, symptoms of an STD, or evidence of trauma to a child’s genitals. Often, however, sexual abuse takes place without leaving any physical markers a caregiver can see. In such instances, parents will need to pay close attention to subtle emotional and behavioral cues that could signify their child has been harmed.

According to New Mexico child sexual abuse lawyers, any sudden and marked changes in a child’s behaviors may be a potential indicator of abuse. Signs that parents should pay especially close attention to include extreme clinginess or affection-seeking behaviors, fear of other adults or daycare employees, mood swings, and an inappropriate interest or knowledge of sex.

New Mexico sexual abuse attorneys recommend that if caregivers begin to recognize these signs and symptoms, they get their child to a healthcare facility for further evaluation as quickly as possible.

What Are My Legal Options After Daycare Abuse?

Fortunately, both victims and their guardians have a number of legal options when daycare abuse takes place. Victims often feel it’s personally important to them to hold perpetrators legally accountable through the pursuance of criminal lawsuits. Yet while criminal trials can result in perpetrators being sentenced to prison time or other penalties, they generally won’t provide victims the opportunity to recover compensation for their losses.

Instead, victims of child sexual abuse will need to rely on the civil court process to secure financial compensation for any costs associated with their abuse. By accounting for a victim’s potential need for medical treatment and long-term psychotherapy, civil settlements can provide the monetary resources needed to initiate what is often an extended recovery process.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

The legal process following instances of sexual abuse can be complex, and having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side means your case will be handled skillfully. Experienced attorneys know how to identify every party that may hold legal liability in a case, such as the organizations responsible for hiring and supervising daycare employees. Specialized attorneys also know just how far-reaching the impacts of abuse can be. By drawing testimony from psychological and medical experts, lawyers can make a compelling case to a jury that victims should be compensated for the full extent of their damages.

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If you or your child have been impacted by daycare abuse, you’ll want to ensure that you secure the highest quality legal representation. The qualified lawyers at Carabin Shaw pair compassionate commitment with top-quality training and legal knowledge to serve New Mexico daycare abuse victims.

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