ACCIDENT INJURY REPORT: Man Arrested in Hit and Run Crash That Killed Stranded Motorist 23, 2020:  San Antonio, TEXAS–The crash happened around 5:30 a.m. Friday on Interstate 10 near the Dominion on the north side of San Antonio.  Justin Antwan Jackson, 29, the driver of the 18-wheeler, involved in the incident is now charged with failure to Stop and Render Aid after his truck rear-ended a red Ford Fiesta that was stalled on US I-10.  

The driver of the car, Donna Falkenberg, 46, was killed in the crash. She was pronounced dead at the scene.  San Antonio Police said she was not wearing a seat belt.

According to an arrest affidavit, Jackson was traveling southbound in the right-most lane when it neared the stalled Ford Fiesta, which had on its hazard lights.  Jackson told police that he tried to avoid another vehicle that appeared to be crossing into the lane next to him and did not see the Ford until the crash was unavoidable.

The 18-wheeler then rear-ended the Ford.  Jackson fled the scene in the truck, and authorities issued a city-wide search.  Parts of the truck were found on scene and helped authorities track down the suspect, who was then located at the intersection of Bowie Street and East Crockett Street downtown San Antonio.

“You can see extensive damage on this 18-wheeler and still, pieces of the victim’s car are caught under the rear wheel,” said Officer Douglas Greene of the San Antonio Police Department.  Officers found Jackson with the truck and arrested him.

He was taken into custody and admitted to police that he was involved in the crash, and failed to remain on scene and render aid to the other driver, according to the affidavit.  Jackson is charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid. He is currently awaiting indictment, according to Bexar County Court records.  He initially told police that he was a passenger in the truck, but SAPD determined he was, in fact, the driver.

The National Safety Council suggests the following measures if your car breaks down or has a flat tire on the highway

  • Pull off the road.
    • At the first sign of car trouble, gently and smoothly take your foot off the accelerator. Do not brake hard or suddenly. Carefully work your vehicle toward the breakdown lane or the side of the road. If you are on an interstate, try to reach an exit. Signal your intentions to drivers behind you. If it is necessary to change lanes, watch your mirrors and the traffic around you closely.
  • Make your car visible.
    • Put reflector triangles behind your vehicle to alert other drivers; use your emergency flashers. If it is dark, turn on the interior dome light.
  • Safety to you and your passengers first.
    • When you have a flat tire, be certain that you can change it safely without being close to traffic. If that is possible, change the tire as you normally would. Remember, safety must take precedence over your schedule or whatever other concerns you may have.
  • Call for help.
    • However, when the car is beyond repair, it is best to get professional help. Do not try to flag down other vehicles. Raise your hood and tie something white to the radio antenna or hang it out a window so police officers or tow truck operators will know help is needed. Don’t stand behind or next to your vehicle.
  • Wait inside your vehicle.
    • If your car is safely out of traffic, wait inside the vehicle with the doors locked. Use your cellular phone to call for help. If someone stops and offers to help, open the window slightly and ask them to call the police.
  • Wait for help.
    • Watch for a uniformed police officer or other emergency personnel. All interstate highways and major roads are patrolled regularly.
  • Wait in your car.
    • It is inadvisable to walk on an interstate, especially during inclement weather.  Never attempt to cross a multi-lane, high speed roadway.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or suffered a wrongful death due to the actions of other drivers, contact an  accident attorney who specializes in these cases to review your legal options.  You may be entitled to compensation for damages, medical treatments, and lost wages due to the incident.  

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