Amazon Driver Bitten by Pit Bull on Southwest Side

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Delivery drivers are frequently exposed to aggressive dog attacks in San Antonio.


Amazon Driver Attacked by Pit Bull While Delivering Package on Southwest Side

According to a San Antonio Express-News report, an Amazon driver was attacked and bitten by a pit bull while delivering a package at a Southwest-side home.

The driver was delivering a package on the 200 Block of McNarney Street near Palo Alto College on Monday when a pit bull jumped a fence and attacked him. The driver escaped to the top of a vehicle but was bitten in the face. He was transported to the hospital, according to the police report. The owner was home at the time and attempted to assist the driver, and police reported that they saw no indication the owner was negligent in the care of the animal. No charges are being pressed at this time.

Did You Know?

Children and Senior Citizens are the most vulnerable groups to animal attacks.

Why Your Dog Barks at the Mailman and How to Stop It

We’ve written several pieces on the consequences of your dog attacking another person — you could lose your otherwise loving companion forever if they attack and injure someone in San Antonio. Roughly 5,400 postal workers were bitten by dogs on the job in 2021. Regardless of breed, pet owners are legally required to ensure their dog doesn’t injure another person, even if they feel threatened by the other person’s behavior.

Let’s look at why your dog becomes aggressive with delivery drivers and tips to train that behavior out of them before it becomes a legal problem.

Why Your Dog Barks at the Mailman

Dogs are naturally protective of their territory and their family and perceive the mailman as an intruder. They naturally want to protect you and know from instinct that barking makes people go away. Unfortunately, the behavior most people engage in to stop their dog’s behavior actually reinforces it, creating a cycle of dangerous behavior.

When you soothe your dog or sternly command them to stop barking, and then the mailman leaves, the dog correlates the barking with the mailman leaving. Also, while you are correcting your dog, it perceives the attention it’s receiving as reinforcement to continue. So, what can you do?

Training Your Dog Not to Bark

Barking doesn’t mean your dog is going to attack, but it could escalate to that. Instead of correcting your dog for barking, teach them the behavior you want to see from them when the mailman approaches the door.

Teach a “Sit and Observe” Command

Your dog wants to please you as well as protect you. Teach your dog that you want them to quietly watch the situation rather than bark at your guests.

AKC experts recommend using a friend to pose as a mailman approaching the door to assist in training this behavior. When your dog begins to bark, show them their favorite treat. As soon as they stop barking and sit for the treat, say “quiet” and give them the treat. This teaches them that the benefit of not responding is greater than the satisfaction of barking the intruder away.

Attacked by a Dog in San Antonio?

Not everyone is as careful about properly training their pets. If you or your child was seriously hurt in a dog attack in San Antonio, contact our dog bite attorneys at 800-862-1260. We’ve represented dog bite victims in San Antonio for 30 years, and we care. We look forward to serving you.

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