Dog Bites/Animal Attacks

Dog Bites/Animal Attacks

According to State Farm Insurance, dog bite victims suffer over $1 billion in monetary losses every year. If you believe you have suffered economic harm as a result of a dog bite, contact the experienced attorneys of Carabin & Shaw today.

Dog and Animal Attacks in Texas - An Overview

Every year, millions of Americans are bitten by animals. In fact, in 1994, over 4.7 million people were bitten by dogs alone. In many cases, a person bitten by a dog may have a legal right to recover damages from the animal's owner or another responsible party.

If You are Bitten by a Dog or Domestic Animal

The first thing you should do if you are bitten by a dog is to seek medical attention immediately and call our law firm. If you are not treated, a dog bite can cause serious injury and even death. Once you have been medically evaluated, you should also consider consulting with a lawyer experienced in animal bite cases. Our law firm will be able to tell you whether you have a legal claim, and what damages you may be able to recover.

An attorney will ask you for detailed information about the circumstances surrounding your animal bite. At a minimum, you should provide the name and phone number of the animal's owner. If you don't have this information, a neighbor or a witness might be able to provide it to you. Also, if there were witnesses, you should get their names and contact information as well.