Car Strikes Alligator, Killing Two in South Texas


Who is responsible for animal strikes on Texas roads?


Animal Strike Leads to Deadly Rollover Accident

According to a Fox 29 news report, a late-night rollover accident in South Texas left one Louisianna woman and her unborn child dead after their vehicle struck an alligator in the road.

According to the Refugio County Sheriff’s Office, a car struck an alligator in the road while traveling on Texas 35 State Highway very early on Sunday morning while it was still dark. The impact caused the vehicle, which had two adult and three children passengers, to roll over. The occupants were all transported to the hospital, where the pregnant woman and her unborn child died. There is no word on the condition of the other four passengers.

Did You Know?

Texas is ranked 3rd in the country for animal strikes on roadways, with one in 158 chance of a driver striking an animal while driving.

Animal Strikes in Texas

Texas has a high fatality rate when it comes to striking animals on the road. Between pets, wild animals, and livestock in our vast state, there is a lot of opportunity for drivers to be put in danger by animals on the roadway. Liability for such accidents depends on the type of animal involved and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Who is responsible for pets on the road?

No one wants to strike an innocent animal with their vehicle. Usually, when a driver strikes a pet on the road, and the driver is following all of the rules of the road (stopping at stop signs, following the posted speed limit, etc.), the owner of the animal is responsible for damages. However, there is typically no damage to a vehicle following a pet strike, so a lawsuit is usually not feasible. However, the driver may bear liability for an injured pet if they were driving recklessly or not following the rules of the road.

Who is responsible for wild animals on the road?

Wild animals do not have owners by definition, so there is no one to claim liability from if you are in an accident with a wild animal. Instead, these kinds of accidents are covered by comprehensive insurance. However, there are special circumstances where liability for an accident will fall on the driver if the driver hits anything or anyone else as a result of the animal on the road.

What to do when you strike an animal on the road

If you strike a wild or domesticated animal on the road (excluding livestock), the AAA recommends the following actions:

  1. Call the police,
  2. Move your vehicle if possible; if not, turn on the hazard lights even if it’s bright out,
  3. Contact your insurance company and report the damage as soon as possible.

If you were in an auto accident with another vehicle or pedestrian as a result of an animal strike, what to do after can be confusing. Contacting a personal injury attorney in Texas can help ensure that your interests and your rights are protected.

Injured in an Auto Accident Because of an Animal Strike?

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