Child Dies After Driver Crashes Into Utility Pole


How important are car seats for child passengers?


Unrestrained Child Passenger Dies in Fatal Accident

According to a Kens5 News report, a three-year-old boy was killed in a car accident after a reckless driver crashed into a utility pole on July 2, 2023.

Officials reported that the man was speeding westbound on West Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Road when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a utility pole at around 1 p.m. with an unrestrained child passenger. The man, 40, survived, but the child passenger was pronounced dead inside the SUV at the scene. The man was taken into custody for speeding and on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Did You Know?

Properly installed child safety seats reduced infant deaths in car accidents by 71% and saved 263 toddler and infant passengers in 2011.

Child Safety in Motor Vehicles

Texas Law requires that all child passengers in motor vehicles be properly restrained in child safety seats if they are younger than 8 years old unless they are taller than 4’9″. However, while many parents abide by this law, the fact remains that an estimated 43% of child safety seats are improperly installed, and more still are not the appropriate type for the child. As travel is increasing in the summer months, it’s important for parents to know the law when it comes to child safety in motor vehicles.

Car Seat Laws in Texas

The last thing any parent wants to do is put their child in a dangerous situation. Car seats are proven to reduce the risk of injury and death for children in auto accidents, and they are legally required for children under the age of eight.

Where Should My Kids Ride?
  • Adult and teenage passengers may ride in the front seat with a seatbelt on,
  • Children may safely ride in the backseat if they are eight years old or at least 4’9″,
  • Children should never ride in the front passenger seat.
When Can My Child Sit in the Front Seat?

No law specifies when a child may sit in the front passenger seat. However, the law does require that safety seats must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and most vehicle manufacturers recommend that children ride in the backseat until they are at least 12 years old. Additionally, rear-facing child seats for infants may not be used in the front seat with front passenger airbags.

Can I Get a Ticket For an Unrestrained Child Passenger?

Traffic officers may issue a ticket and add points to your license for an unrestrained child passenger, as well as for any adults not wearing seat belts.

  • Unrestrained adults may receive a fine of $50,
  • A driver may receive a fine of up to $200 for an unrestrained child passenger.

Children riding in any seat must be restrained by a seat belt, and children under eight are legally required to be in an appropriate child safety seat.

How Do I Know If My Child’s Car Seat is Properly Installed?

The NHTSA is committed to child safety in vehicles and offers inspection services for car seats free of charge, as well as guides on how to choose the perfect car seat for your child. Simply click this link to go to the NHTSA’s Car and Booster Seat page for more information on keeping your child safe on the road.

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