Firework Explosion Kills 1, Injures 4


Explosion injuries are more common than you might think for Texas workers.


Four Employees Injured, One Dead in Firework Accident

According to an ABC13 news report, a firework explosion killed one employee and injured four in the East Texas area on July 4, 2023.

The employees were setting up a firework display for the Firehouse Nine Farm Event Venue when the explosion occurred, according to the investigator’s early report. The incident occurred at roughly 10:33 a.m. when Upshur County deputies responded to a major warehouse fire. The explosion from the fireworks and other “volatile incendiaries” reportedly injured four workers, though the extent of their injuries was not reported, and killed one who has not yet been identified.

Did You Know?

Roughly 180 people go to the emergency room with firework-related injuries every day in the week leading up to and after Independence Day.

Explosion Injuries in the Texan Workplace

Explosions can happen for a number of reasons, so even though explosions are more common in certain industries, any workplace can experience an accidental explosion. However, Texas workers are some of the most at risk for explosion injuries since chemical plants, construction, and off-shore oil rigs have the highest rates of explosion injuries across all industries.

What Causes Workplace Explosions?

According to OSHA data, roughly 5,000 employees are injured by explosions at work every year in the United States. Here are some of the most common causes of workplace explosions by industry:

  • Construction – Electrical hazards are a common cause of workplace explosions in the construction industry. Exposed or faulty wiring and overloaded outlets can ignite nearby flammable materials. Additionally, equipment that is greasy or dirty, especially equipment used for hot work like welding, is a common source of accidental construction site explosions.
  • Chemical Plants – Chemicals in the air accidentally ignited by a spark or heat source are the most common cause of workplace explosions and often have widespread consequences.
  • Off-Shore Oil Rigs – Equipment failures such as faulty valves or gas alarms and human failures such as misinterpreted readings are some of the most common reasons for oil rig explosions.

Common Injuries From Workplace Explosions

Injuries from explosions can be catastrophic and include more than just burn injuries, though they are very common. Other injuries from workplace explosions include:

Texan workers accounted for almost 40% of the 663 nationwide oil rig deaths from 2007-2012.

Worker’s Comp and Workplace Explosions

High-risk jobs like construction, chemical manufacturing, and oil rig work can result in extreme injury and death for Texas workers. If you have been injured in a workplace explosion, you may file a worker’s comp claim for your injuries (if your employer carries worker’s compensation coverage).

If your employer does not carry worker’s comp, then you may wish to file a personal injury or product liability claim, depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury.

  • Personal Injury Claim – This is applicable when your injury was the direct result of another person’s negligence.
  • Product Liability Claim – This is applicable when your injury was the direct result of a product error, such as a manufacturing flaw, design flaw, or improper warnings and instructions were a contributing factor in your accident.

Explosion Injury Attorney Serving Texas

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