Five Dead in Head-On Crash Near I-10


Head-on collisions often have tragic consequences.


Head-On Collision Near Beorne Kills 5

A fatal crash occurred at around 7 a.m. Monday, June 19, 2023, on the 900 block of Highway 87 North, according to a KENS5 news report.

According to the preliminary DPS investigation of the accident, it appears that a white vehicle with four passengers was traveling northbound and attempted to pass in a no-passing zone, colliding with a black vehicle with one occupant traveling southbound. The crash occurred at high speeds, killing everyone in both vehicles, including one minor, and causing extreme damage to both cars. The victim’s names were released today as being Nelson Rivera-Aguilar, 32, Orland Machorro-Ramos, 16, Jose Gonzalez-Galvez, 30, Kevin Portillo, 28, and Nathan Malosh, 32.

Did You Know?

There were 661 people killed in head-on collisions in Texas in 2021, according to TxDOT data.

Head-On Collisions in Texas

Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of auto accidents, whether single-vehicle or multi-vehicle. These accidents often occur at high speeds, and as a result, the occupants of the vehicle are either ejected or crushed by the impact. Interestingly, of all the fatalities reported on roadways in 2021, 46.15% were reported as not restrained during the time of the crash.

Wearing your seatbelt and properly restraining children are essential whenever a person is operating a motor vehicle, but especially in the case of head-on collisions. In fact, children are more likely to die in auto accidents in Texas than in any other state, and this is partially due to the fact that nearly half of all car seats in Texas are improperly installed or not used at all. Of the 78 children under eight years old who were killed in Texas auto accidents in 2021, 22 were unrestrained at the time of the crash.

Legal Consequences of Not Wearing Your Seatbelt

It may seem like a small thing, but whether you’re an adult or child passenger, your seatbelt could save your life, and you are legally required to wear it. If you are fortunate enough to survive an accident without wearing your seatbelt, the consequences include:

  • Tickets of up to $200
  • Additional court costs
  • $250 fine for failure to properly restrain a child + additional court costs

No one expects to be in an accident when they get behind the wheel. Play it safe, buckle up, and make sure your passengers do the same.

Injuries From Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions often involve reckless or impaired drivers. Because of this, common injuries from these kinds of accidents are often more severe and include:

If you or a loved one suffered injury from a head-on collision in Texas, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced head-on collision attorney at Carabin Shaw can help you find out.

Head-On Collision Attorney Serving Texas

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