Head-on Collision Kills 4, Injures 1 Near Johnson City

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4,497 people died in auto accidents on Texas roads in 2021.


Tragic Head-on Accident Kills Marine, Fort-Worth Family in Blanco County

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 4 people died in a head-on collision in central Texas last month.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and Transportation reported that the accident occurred in U.S. 281, near Round Mountain and Johnson City, on November 22nd. 25-year-old Marine 1st Lt. Connor McKim was driving his pickup northbound when he swerved into southbound traffic for unknown reasons. He collided with an SUV occupied by the Muckleroy family, killing himself, the father, and two young boys (9 and 12 years old). The mother survived and has since been released from the hospital. The SUV was reportedly struck by another vehicle, but the condition of those occupants was not reported. Alcohol was reportedly not a factor in the accident.

Did You Know?

The number of fatal accidents per mile increased by a record 21% from 2019 to 2020.

Car Accident Fatality Attorneys in Texas

There are roughly 5 million reported accidents in the United States every year. That boils down to one accident every 6 minutes, and Americans have about a 1 in 63 chance of being in an auto accident.

Far too many people in this country have their lives cut short by these tragic, preventable collisions. Whether via car, motorcycle, bike, or pedestrian, over 38,000 people died in 2020.

Why Do So Many Fatal Accidents Happen?

1 out of 147 accidents are fatal, and most include the same reckless factors.

Drunk Driving

The most deadly driving behavior in 2020 was drunk driving, which claimed 11,654 lives. Alternatives to drunk driving are far more accessible now than they ever have been, yet drunk driving increased 14% between 2019 and 2020 and continues to be a serious problem in Texas.

To lose a loved one because someone who knew better chose to drive drunk is despicable. It is reckless, avoidable, and just plain stupid, yet increasing numbers of people across Texas choose to do it, and innocent people pay the price.


The next most deadly driving behavior of 2020 was speeding, claiming 11,258 lives and contributing to 29% of all fatal accidents. Speeding doesn’t necessarily mean driving over the posted limit — driving the speed limit in heavy rain or fog could still be considered speeding.

Speeding is a careless mistake that many people make without even thinking about it. Yet, speeding claimed almost as many lives as drunk driving and is incredibly dangerous.

Not Using Your Seatbelt

The third most deadly driving behavior of 2020 was seatbelt nonuse, causing 10,893 deaths. Seatbelt use is a legal requirement, yet 56% of drivers and 59% of passengers killed in auto accidents were not wearing their seatbelt.

People don’t wear their seatbelts for many reasons: simple forgetfulness, skepticism over effectiveness, and desire for freedom, to name a few. But seatbelts save lives and can protect you from serious harm when you’re unexpectedly in an accident.

All of these leading causes of fatal accidents are preventable, reckless choices that kill thousands of innocent people across Texas every year.

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