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Texas is a top 5 state for issuing traffic tickets.

Trooper Critically Injured During Traffic Stop, Driver Killed

On May 30, 2023, an officer was injured during a traffic stop in Anahauc when a van struck their vehicle, according to a KENS5 news report.


Yielding to emergency vehicles is legally required for all motor vehicle operators.

Officer Injured by a Pickup That Failed to Yield

An officer on a motorcycle was thrown from his bike, hit by a pickup, and then was dragged for a short way underneath it as it failed to follow another officer’s instructions to move over, according to a San Antonio Express-News report. The officer was attempting to make a lane change and move to the front of the procession from the back. The leading officer signaled the approaching pickup to remain to the right, but the pickup ignored the instruction heading straight and colliding with the officer. The officer was taken to the hospital with road rash injuries, lacerations, and possible back injuries and is expected to fully recover.

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