Tips on Staying Safe This Holiday Season


Enjoy safe drinking this holiday season

(November 27, 2022) The holiday season is upon us, and though it has been a historically dry year, rain is often seen in our holiday forecasts. But with the holidays comes stressed-out drivers and a spike in intoxicated drivers on the road, and the rain combined with these factors makes driving during this holiday season a risky business. However, driving cannot be entirely avoided. It’s been a stress-filled year for everyone, and that can make it easy to make a devastating mistake on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the most common traffic incidents happening on San Antonio roads and how to avoid them, so you and your family can enjoy a safe holiday season.

Safe Driving in the Rain

It’s been wonderful to see some sunshine again after a long rain-filled week, especially for drivers. San Antonio Express-News reported that traffic incidents in San Antonio spike with every rainy day, seeing an average of sixteen more auto accidents than on a fine weather day. In order to avoid traffic incidents during your rainy-day driving trips, follow these simple tips from the Defensive Drivers website:
 Slow down – wet roads mean slippery roads, and tires can have a hard time finding grip when the roads are soaked. Especially with construction slowing down much of San Antonio, make sure to drive under the speed limit when driving in or directly after a rain shower.
 Avoid hard breaking – extra following distance can be a lifesaver in wet conditions because slamming on the brakes can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and puts you at risk of rear-ending other suddenly-stopping vehicles. Give enough space to ease gently into a stop.
 Use your headlights – visibility can get really poor during rain, especially if you drive a small or darker-colored vehicle. Use your headlights to make sure other vehicles can see you.

Avoiding Road Rage

High-stress conditions around the holidays, combined with the heavy traffic San Antonio is experiencing, is a road rage incident waiting to happen. San Antonio Express-News reported that just yesterday, a man was shot due to a road rage incident near Southeast Military Drive. Follow these tips to protect yourself from aggressive drivers:
 Get away – if you notice a driver becoming aggressive, get out of the way if you can. Slowing down to let them pass or changing lanes to avoid being next to them is essential in keeping yourself safe.
 Report the driver – aggressive drivers negligently put other drivers in danger with their behavior. Report aggressive drivers to the police at 311 as soon as it is safe to do so.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a big issue in Texas and is always at its worst around the holidays. San Antonio Express-News recently reported an incident where police responded to a potential hit-and-run accident with a potentially intoxicated driver, who just happened to be City Counsel member Clayton Perry. Driving while intoxicated is a crime and almost always leads to accidents with serious injuries or death on our Texas roads. There are many ways to avoid driving drunk, such as having a designated driver, calling an Uber, or getting a taxi – there is no excuse. Don’t drive drunk this holiday season, and we encourage you to report drunk drivers to the police if you spot them.

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