Vehicle Crashes Into Work Convoy, at Least One Dead

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Highway construction environments leave workers exposed to many dangers in San Antonio.


Fatal Crash Into Work Convoy Ends in at Least One Fatality

According to a KSAT News report, a fatal accident on the West Side shut down Highway 90 last Thursday morning.

Police reported the incident occurred at around 2:20 a.m. on Thursday, December 21st, on Highway 90 westbound near Southwest 36th Street. One person was reportedly killed after a vehicle crashed into a work convoy for unknown reasons. The deceased has not been identified, and no further details about the accident were provided. All lanes of Highway 90 were shut down during the investigation.

Did You Know?

The Texas construction industry employed just under 1 million people and produced 5% of the State’s GDP in 2010.

Hit by a Vehicle at a Construction Site in San Antonio

Construction work in San Antonio is a dangerous job — roughly 200 workers die on the job across Texas every year. One of the most common ways highway construction workers are injured is by being hit by a vehicle.

Whether by a passer-by or a construction vehicle, workers in San Antonio are exposed to the serious threat of being seriously injured in a construction site auto accident. Construction workers provide an invaluable service to the people of San Antonio, and they deserve a safe workplace. Let’s take a look at why these accidents happen and what to do if you are hit by a car while on the job at a San Antonio construction site.

Causes of Highway Construction Zone Auto Accidents

While every accident is unique, there are a few common characteristics that contribute to auto accidents on construction sites. Unfortunately, these factors are entirely preventable and steal hundreds of lives each year.

Reckless Driving

Speeding, distracted driving, road rage, you name it — traffic fines increase to up to $2,000 when workers are present in a work zone, but that doesn’t stop most Texas drivers from exhibiting these deadly behaviors.

These reckless driving behaviors make accidents more likely but are commonly seen in work zones. Drivers may become frustrated with delays, begin texting, or drive well over the reduced speed limit to compensate for the increased traffic.

Poorly Trained Operators

Is your boss rushing to hire new workers as fast as possible? Staffing shortages affect most industries and lead to rushed training in an attempt to meet deadlines.

Poorly trained operators are more likely to make stupid mistakes that can cause serious injury or death on construction sites.

Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving is a huge problem in San Antonio and presents a unique threat to highway construction workers. Oftentimes, construction work happens overnight in the early morning hours when drunk drivers are at their peak.

Drunk drivers are far more likely to drive the wrong way, drive well over the speed limit, and miss or ignore signals from workers. During the winter holidays, there are more drunk drivers on the roads than at any other time of year.

Compensation After Being Hit by a Car While Working on a Construction Site

Worker’s compensation covers medical bills, lost income, and death benefits if your employer carries it. However, employers in Texas are not required to carry worker’s comp, so a personal injury claim may be necessary.

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