Woman Dies After Crashing into a Ditch


(May 26, 2022) On Thursday, May 19, 2022, a woman died after crashing violently into a ditch, according to KENS 5 News. The accident occurred early morning at around 2:15 AM off of I-35 and Binz-Eagleman on San Antonio’s Eastside. At first, the police assumed she had somehow driven directly off of the highway, judging by how mangled the vehicle was. However, later they determined she had most likely exited onto the access road before crashing, according to the report. Emergency medical services tried to save the woman, whose name had not been released, but they were unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Safe driving habits for driving at night:

There are a few differences between driving in the daytime and driving at night. Following a few extra rules is critical for staying safe on Texas roads at night.

Start with a clean windshield – Keeping a clean windshield may not be as critical for daytime driving, but at night a dirt-smeared windshield can cause extremely reduced visibility as lights from other vehicles can cause a blinding glare. Make sure to clean your windshield before going out at night.
Keep a sharp eye for pedestrians and motorcycles – A responsible Texas motorist always keeps a watchful eye out for pedestrians and motorcycles when driving. This is even more critical at night when visibility is greatly reduced. Pedestrians may not be wearing the appropriate safety gear when walking at night, especially in neighborhoods. It’s easy to relax and let your guard down when you’re close to home. When driving at night, always stay alert and use extra caution. It could save a life.
Give extra following distance and slow down – It can be very tempting to drive over the speed limit on an empty Texas highway at night. After a long day, we all want to get home as quickly as possible. Driving at legal speeds and at a good follow distance makes it far more likely you’ll make it home safely. Leave a little extra distance when following another motorist at night, and even though it’s tempting, do not drive over the posted speed limit. It might just save your life.

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