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Next Steps for 18 Wheeler Accident Victims in Austin

18 Wheelers on the Road

Austin continues to make a name for itself as one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Its culture attracts new residents and tourists, resulting in crowded and often dangerous roads and highways. Taking up vasts amount of roadways in and around Austin are large semi trucks and 18 wheelers, transporting goods on a tight deadline. Large semi trucks and 18 wheelers pose a threat to other drivers on the road due to their massive size. Unlike an accident with two small vehicles, accidents involving 18 wheelers can and do result in severe and even fatal injuries for those who are involved.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler in Austin, it's imperative you contact an Austin trucking accident lawyer to assist you with your case and help you to understand the next steps for 18 wheeler accident victims in Austin.

The steps taken after an accident with an 18 wheeler are crucial, and time is of the essence. An experienced attorney will be able to assist you with legal counsel and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured.

Next Steps for 18 Wheeler Accident Victims in Austin
  • Seek medical attention: The most important thing to do after an accident with an 18 wheeler is to seek medical attention. Failing to do so can result in worse pain down the road and can play a major part in your Austin truck accident claim when it comes to claiming compensation for injuries.
  • Call the police: Contacting the police is crucial no matter how small or large your accident may be. Not only does contacting police put a trained professional on the scene, it also will result in a police report being made. A police report is essential in an 18 wheeler accident case as it will identify the individuals involved and give a detailed report on how the accident happened. Be sure to get a copy of the police report as soon as possible after your accident.
  • Obtain photographs and witness information: In addition to getting a police report, obtaining the contact information of any witnesses at the scene can be extremely helpful to your case and your attorney. Get the phone numbers of any witnesses at the scene and their permission to contact them later. Video documentation is good as well. If you are able, taking photos of the scene, the damage done to both vehicles, license plates and recording the trucking company are essential nuggets of information that can play a large part in your case.
  • Contact your insurance: After an accident, it’s important to notify your insurance company. Insurance companies take time to make reports and process paperwork, so the sooner they are notified the sooner they can begin that process. It’s important to not give any sort of written or verbal statements to your insurance company on your initial phone call and without an experienced attorney
  • Contact an experienced Austin area attorney: The 18 wheeler involved in your accident is owned by a large trucking company with a wealth of resources at its disposal. Having an attorney with experience fighting for those injured in 18 wheeler accidents can be key in ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have sustained. When researching an attorney, remain cognizant of contacting attorneys with a proven track record of success fighting for client’s involved in 18 wheeler accidents.
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