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North Dakota Workplace Accidents | Wrongful Death Attorney

Employers are required by law to provide a safe working environment for their employees in North Dakota. When they don’t, disasters can happen, and employers can be held liable. If a loved one was recently killed in one of the many North Dakota workplace accidents that occur every year, you should consider discussing your case with an attorney.

An experienced North Dakota wrongful death lawyer will know what your case is worth and the right steps to take to get proper compensation for your loss. North Dakota attorney James Shaw can fight for you and your family during this difficult time.

Proving That a Workplace Accident Is a Wrongful Death

The process for proving wrongful death in a workplace accident is similar to most other personal injury cases. To make your case, you and your attorney will have to prove the following four elements:

  1. Duty of care - The first step to proving your case is to illustrate that the defendant had a duty of care to the defendant. In most situations, people owe one another some standard of duty of care. In the workplace, employers have to ensure that employees and visitors are not exposed to or in danger of unnecessary harm. Every employer owes their employees a certain level of duty of care. To learn more, talk to a lawyer.
  2. Negligence - The next step is showing that they breached that duty of care through their negligence. If an employer did not take precautions to prevent harm to employees, they can be considered negligent.
  3. Causation - It is not enough to prove they breached their duty of care. The third step is to illustrate a direct connection between the defendant’s negligent actions and the death of your loved one. You and your North Dakota work injury attorney must demonstrate to the court exactly how the defendant’s negligent actions caused or played a significant role in the harm of the plaintiff.
  4. Damages - Once causation is proven, the final step is highlighting the damages this negligence has caused. This step is where your lawyer will show your medical bills, property damages, loss of income, pain and suffering, etc., to try to get you the compensation you deserve.
Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents don’t happen in a vacuum—there is usually a specific circumstance that leads to an accident happening. Below are some of the most common causes of workplace accidents in North Dakota:

  • Hazardous materials - Handling hazardous materials at the workplace can be dangerous. If employees don’t wear proper protection or do not follow protocol when dealing with hazardous materials, it could cause serious injury of death.
  • Lifting - When employees are required to lift heavy objects and they don’t do so properly, it can cause them substantial harm.
  • Slips and falls - Slips and falls are a common workplace accident that can happen in any type of job. Talk to a North Dakota wrongful death lawyer if your workplace accident was a slip and fall.
  • Violence in the workplace - Sometimes when conflicts escalate, co-workers resort to violence. If workplace violence caused your accident, an attorney can help you pursue compensation.
What Can a Lawyer Do For Your Wrongful Death Claim?

When workplace accidents lead to wrongful death, it is always a tragedy. Families deserve justice after the negligence of another caused the death of their loved one. To get the compensation you deserve, it’s best to work with a North Dakota work injury attorney who has a proven record of winning in cases just like yours.

North Dakota attorney James Shaw has years of experience working wrongful death cases, and he prides himself on his willingness to go above and beyond for every client he serves. If you want the best lawyer on your side, call today at 1-800-555-0101 for a free consultation.

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