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North Texas Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney

In Dallas in 2022, the Texas Department of Transportation reported 34,000 auto accidents across the city, and 4,000 commercial vehicle accidents specifically. Because of the large size and significant weight of these commercial vehicles, a considerable number of these accidents result in serious injuries and, tragically, death. If you or someone you love were involved in a serious collision with a commercial vehicle in Dallas TX, you are likely facing mounting medical bills, ongoing treatments, and are eager to restore your life to some sense of normalcy.

Our expert North Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw will guide you through your legal options to decide which avenue is best for you to pursue and fight hard on your behalf. You deserve justice and compensation for an accident caused by the negligence of another.

Commercial Vehicles Accidents Vs. Passenger Vehicle Accidents: How They’re Different

In Texas, commercial vehicles are classified as a self-propelled or towed vehicle used to transport people or goods for economic or business purposes.

Some common commercial vehicles that can be spotted in North Texas include:

  • 18 Wheelers (Tractor Trailers): The size of these vehicles can vary, but they generally average 70 feet long and weigh around 35,000 pounds without cargo, which can increase up to 80,000 pounds with cargo. These semi-trucks are known to haul boxed goods like dry goods, fresh food, furniture, electronics, and more.
  • Tanker Trailers: These vehicles are used to transport liquids like gasoline, beverages, chemicals, etc. Ranging in length between 40 and 50 feet, these trailers (like 18 wheelers) are more difficult to maneuver around tight corners or neighborhood streets.
  • Delivery Vans: Usually box-shaped, these vans are 10 to 15 feet in length and are used for deliveries for companies like FedEx, Amazon, and UPS. Refrigerated vans are often used for catering services as well.
  • Pickup Trucks: If being used for business purposes such as construction, landscaping, electrical contracting, plumbing etc., these trucks are considered commercial vehicles.
  • Construction Vehicles: Given the constant construction in and around Dallas, drivers may encounter vehicles such as cement trucks, concrete mixers, flatbed trucks, dump trucks, and forklifts.
  • Buses: Public buses, school buses, charter buses, tour buses, and shuttle buses are all considered commercial vehicles in Texas.
  • Garbage Trucks and Recycling Trucks
  • Tow Trucks: These trucks come equipped with strong cables and chains, a lifting arm, and a boom. They can be flatbeds or more integrated trucks.

Commercial trucks can weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 times more than the average passenger vehicle. They are also much taller and longer than other cars and trucks. Because every accident involves its own specific details, an experienced Dallas commercial vehicle accident attorney can tell you more about your particular accident and how it will affect determining fault, damages, and more.

Dangers of Commercial Vehicles on the Road
  • The considerable difference in weight and size of commercial vehicles means that any collision or impact will result in more serious damage to a car as well as the other driver and passengers.
  • Trucks and buses take much longer to brake, so if they were tailgating a vehicle that suddenly stopped or slowed, they are more likely to slam into another car.
  • These large vehicles may need to slow down more significantly around turns or hills and may easily slide into another vehicle, especially on slick roads.
  • Some of these commercial vehicles are tall, which means their higher center of gravity makes rollovers more likely.
  • Strong gusts of wind are also created around these big vehicles that can easily push other drivers around.

If a commercial vehicle driver was acting irresponsibly, being reckless, or wasn’t trained correctly in handling the vehicle, an accident becomes a case of negligence.

Do I Need to Hire a Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer to Pursue My Case?

While attorneys are not required to file and pursue personal injury cases in Texas, it is strongly recommended to at least consult with one to examine your legal options. Carabin Shaw, for example, offers a free case review to all victims of negligence. Call 800-862-1260 to schedule yours as soon as possible following your accident.

Furthermore, navigating the national and state laws surrounding personal injury cases is complex and difficult without the knowledge of a lawyer. Insurance companies may lowball you and offer you less than you are qualified for. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. A commercial vehicle accident in Dallas is a serious incident, and all injured parties deserve compensation if negligence was involved. Don’t Wait! We Fight for Your the Maximum Compensation Possible for Your Injuries | Call Carabin Shaw 24/7 at 800-862-1260 To Schedule Your Free Case Review

Our commercial vehicle accident attorneys in Texas have decades of experience representing victims of personal injury lawsuits and have won millions on behalf of our clients. Curious to learn more? Read over our client reviews to see how we’ve helped victims just like you on their journey to recovery.

We have English and Spanish-speaking staff available at all times of day and night to assist you. Call 800-862-1260 today.

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