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Nursing Home Neglect Attorney FAQs

As a resident of San Antonio, one of the largest cities in America, it’s important to recognize your options in regard to nursing homes. There are plenty available, but how do you navigate the list of frightening occurrences happening behind closed doors? Protecting your loved ones while providing them with an environment that suits their needs starts with knowledge. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions you should review in order to establish a safe housing solution for any elderly patient, as well as to inform yourself on what to do in case this isn’t happening.

If you need immediate consultation, reach out to an attorney at Carabin Shaw for a San Antonio nursing home negligence lawyer. The unobserved nursing home is not worth sending your loved ones to. In the meantime, here are a list of some of the most common nursing home neglect attorney FAQs.

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney FAQs

Question 1: Why is neglect and abuse so common?

It’s hard to pinpoint why elderly residents San Antonio of nursing homes become targets of abuse or neglect, but oftentimes it comes down to either:

  1. Understaffed or overpopulated facilities,
  2. Unqualified or inexperienced staff, or
  3. Opportunistic or predatory behavior.

Sadly, since the elderly are often unable to communicate effectively, their needs are often overlooked or ignored, and they pose an easy target for thieves and manipulators to take advantage of. In a perfect world, we would all tend to each other with love and kindness. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we must constantly be on the lookout to protect the ones we love. Do your research through online reviews and word-of-mouth to get a better grasp on the reputation of a particular nursing home in San Antonio.

Question 2: Do residents at nursing homes have rights?

An elderly patient is still a citizen of the United States, and thus is given the same basic rights as anyone else. They have the right to live a life free of harassment, and free of verbal, sexual, and physical abuse. It’s easy to feel powerless compared to an institution of care, but do not forget that you are the one paying the for the services of the nursing home. They are providing a service to you, and not the other way around.

Question 3: If I suspect nursing home abuse, where should I report it?

This is an important question. Most citizens who find themselves or their loved ones as the targets of abuse or neglect will likely be overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness. It’s easy to get confused in these situations, and remain unaware of your options. The first thing you can do is contact the nursing home administrator. The administrator’s job is to investigate any claim, and then quickly report it to the state agency. A second option is the Licensing and Certification Division at the San Antonio Department of Public Health.

If You Need a Lawyer, Call Carabin Shaw

Lastly, remember that if you’re in the San Antonio area, you can and should reach out to a lawyer at Carabin Shaw. In order to hold the nursing home and their insurers responsible for the pain and suffering of your elderly family, you will undoubtedly need the legal services of a specialized attorney. We are ready to fight for you and your loved ones, in order to bring justice toward any wrongdoing.

Thanks for reading our nursing home neglect attorney FAQs. At Carabin Shaw, our attorneys are standing by waiting to assist you with any legal needs you may need in the San Antonio area. If you believe that your loved ones are being neglected in any way at their institution of care, call out seasoned team of attorneys. The call and initial consultation is absolutely free, and our representatives can assist you in English and Spanish. Don’t hesitate; call today at 210-222-2288 or toll-free at 1.800.682.1260.

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