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Nursing Home Neglect in San Antonio: What You Need to Know

Your research on the topic of nursing home abuse and neglect has most likely brought you to our website because you need knowledgeable legal guidance on nursing home neglect in San Antonio; what you need to know is that our law office of Carabin Shaw is staffed with expert attorneys. We consider it an intolerable and grievous injustice when those most vulnerable, our loved ones living in nursing homes across San Antonio, are faced with neglect or abuse. Carabin Shaw lawyers are ready to advocate on behalf of your family to ensure your loved one is provided the legal protection and compensation they deserve.

Whether intentional or unintentional, San Antonio nursing home negligence does occur, and so does abuse. Knowing this, our attorneys at Carabin Shaw vehemently advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves; we will fight for the vulnerable and defenseless in San Antonio. Our attorneys are experienced in applying the laws which govern nursing homes. As skilled attorneys, our team can ascertain whether your loved one’s case involves contributory negligence, foreseeable risk, or “ipsa loquitur” – a status where all those connected to an event are liable for the negligence. Our lawyers are experts in identifying all factors that may impact your case, and then they will fight to win justice, protection, and compensation for your loved one.

To understand what constitutes nursing home neglect in San Antonio, what you need to know is that, regardless of whether it was accidental or intentional, negligences is still unacceptable, and we will fight for protection of your loved one’s rights, seeking all monetary compensation allowed by law.

It’s important to understand that abuse is different from neglect, though the two often occur together; abuse can be obvious and clear cut, while neglect can be complex and difficult to establish. Our Carabin Shaw San Antonio nursing home neglect attorney is the subject matter expert and tenacious in uncovering the facts that will substantiate any abuse or neglect of your loved one. To help in supporting your case, it would be wise to document, preferably with date and time, any of the following you may have observed when visiting your loved one, and bring this information with you to your free initial consultation with our attorney in San Antonio:

Indicators of Possible Neglect and Abuse:
  • Signs of unexpected and unintentional weight loss
  • Signs of malnutrition, such as weight loss or jaundice
  • Signs of dehydration, such as dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, and lack of tears
  • Pressure ulcers or bedsores
  • Injuries as a result of falling, such as fractures
  • Changes in your loved one’s behavior
  • Withdrawal from nursing home staff
  • Withdrawal from other residents

When confronted with nursing home neglect in San Antonio; what you need to know and remember is that there are different types of abuse and neglect. As mentioned, neglect and abuse are usually seen together, however, when only neglect is present it frequently spirals into some form of abuse.

Types of Abuse and Neglect:
  • Hygienic neglect:
    Look for signs of unreasonable weight loss, untreated bed sores, soiled clothes and bedding, and clothing or bed covers unsuitable with temperature and weather conditions. Failure to bathe and assist with hygiene needs on behalf of the staff constitutes a gross breach of nursing staff’s duty to their residents.
  • Emotional abuse:
    Incidents of ridicule, intimidation, ignoring, talking down, humiliating, or speaking in a condescending behavior to residents are all forms of psychological and emotional abuse.
  • Physical abuse:
    Any violence involving unwarranted restraints, hitting, slapping, pinching, pushing, elbowing. Physical abuse is frequently the most credible due to more obvious signs; however, bruises under clothing can often go unseen, especially in cases where your loved one is unable to move or talk.
  • Sexual abuse:
    Any and all forms of sexual contact with a resident by nursing staff is abuse, regardless of whether consent was involved.
  • Financial abuse:
    This occurs when an individual pressures an elderly resident to tell them identifiable information such as a bank account number, credit card numbers, and trust funds. or steals from the resident directly. This type of abuse also includes intimidation or pressure to alter a deed, will, or trust.

If you believe your loved one has suffered any form of neglect or abuse, please call us today, we can help determine the best way to proceed. You can reach us toll-free at 800-862-1260, or call our San Antonio office at 210-222-2288; our team is standing by ready to seek justice for you and your loved one.

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