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Nursing Home Negligence: Is My Loved One at Risk?

When looking for a nursing home facility for a loved one, exceptional care and attention always reigns at the forefront of considerations. Nursing homes are mandated to provide a reasonable “standard of care” to residents, but unfortunately, a staggering number of nursing home residents are subject to abuse and neglect on a daily basis, including residents in Aransas Pass facilities.

The elderly are extremely vulnerable, leaving them unable to fight for themselves when they are suffering from nursing home negligence. Negligence can come in many forms including either physical, emotional or medical – all of which can result in extreme injury or fatality to those who are subject to it. If you’re wondering about if your loved one at risk of nursing home negligence, it is important to contact a nursing home negligence attorney in Aransas Pass to assist you with your case. Lean on an experienced attorney to be the voice for your loved one and recover the justice and compensation they deserve.

Nursing Home Negligence: Is My Loved One at Risk?

Nursing home negligence is the most common forms of nursing home abuse and entails caregivers performing substandard care and breaching the duty they have to provide reasonable care to their residents. Contacting an attorney to assist you with your legal options is imperative if you believe a loved one is subject to nursing home neglect in Aransas Pass.

Being aware of the warning signs that point to nursing home neglect can be the difference in catching it before it gets worse and catching it before it’s too late. It’s important to note that all warning signs may not be physical; they can also include changes in emotion or behavior.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Negligence:
  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers: These can be a result of nursing home staff failing to turn bedridden residents who may be unable to move on their own.
  • Sudden weight loss: Sudden weight loss can be a symptom of several forms of negligence. Either the staff is failing to feed the resident who is unable to feed themselves, or they have become subject to a sickness that isn’t being treated and causing extreme weight loss.
  • Frequent bruises: Bruises as a result of falls can point to negligence in that your loved one is failing to be supervised and treated for their injuries.
  • Dehydration and malnutrition : Lack of nursing home staff can lead to inadequate amounts of liquid and nourishing meals to residents.
  • Behavior changes: Signs of withdrawal from others or abnormal changes in your loved one’s behavior can be a sure sign of neglect or abuse. Take notes upon visiting with them regarding their demeanor and mood. These notes can serve as proof of a change in mood or emotion and can be beneficial to your attorney.
  • Poor hygiene: Signs of poor hygiene including odor, soiled linens, dirty appearance, can be red flags pointing toward negligence.

As well as knowing their signs and symptoms, becoming familiar with various types of neglect can help you understand what to look for when monitoring your loved one to ensure they do become a victim of neglect.

Types of Nursing Home Negligence
  • Medical neglect: When nursing homes or caregivers fail to attend to the medical needs of residents, circumstances can be fatal. In addition to failing to give residents the medical treatment they need, they can also engage in negligence by overmedicating. Since many residents are on prescription drugs, they must be monitored to make sure they are taking the exact amount needed and not overdosing.
  • Basic needs neglect: Each patient is required to receive basic needs such as food, water, clean clothes, sheets, and other essential items from their facility. Failure to do so can help your attorney prove negligence in your claim.
  • Social and emotional neglect: Social and emotional neglect occurs when caregivers leave residents alone and unattended, or when they ignore their requests and concerns.

These examples of nursing home negligence that may risk your loved one’s wellbeing provide just a few concerns to pay attention to when visiting a loved one in a nursing home. If you are suspicious of nursing home neglect in Aransas Pass, you should contact an experienced attorney from Carabin Shaw immediately to help you delve deeper into your case and counsel with regarding your legal options.

Aransas Pass nursing home negligence can happen to your loved one no matter the facility or its reputation, and it can result in unnecessary hardship for you and your family. Contact the seasoned team of attorneys at Carabin Shaw to fight for you today. The first consultation is free. Call us toll-free at 1.800.682.1260.

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