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Oklahoma Daycare Workers and Sexual Abuse

Sending a child to daycare is a decision that no Oklahoma parent takes lightly. Parents are careful to screen daycare facilities and the employees that work there to ensure they’re placing their child in an environment in which they’ll receive the attention and care they deserve. And yet, even when parents take all the right steps, children can encounter unexpected risks within daycare facilities. Among the most devastating of these is when a child suffers sexual abuse at the hands of a daycare employee.

Learning to identify warning signs of sexual abuse allows parents to intervene as quickly as possible when a child is at risk for further harm by a daycare worker. However, parents need to know more than how to recognize signs of abuse if they hope to hold perpetrators accountable and support their child’s recovery.

With the help of the Oklahoma child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw, families can receive guidance from experienced professionals about how to navigate the complex legal process following an incident of daycare abuse. By conducting in-depth investigations and developing effective civil claims, our attorneys have helped countless families secure the comprehensive financial settlements they need to facilitate their child’s fullest possible recovery.

Steps to Take to Help a Victim of Daycare Abuse

When a caregiver learns that a daycare employee has victimized a child they love, they may be in a state of shock. Beyond removing a child from an abusive situation, parents might not know what to do to support their child so that they can begin to heal from the trauma they’ve suffered.

The following is a set of recommendations developed by daycare abuse attorneys in Oklahoma meant to empower caregivers to recognize and stop abuse when it occurs and take the legal steps necessary to secure resources for a child’s recovery:

Recognize Early Warning Signs

While not all victims will exhibit physical symptoms that a parent can observe, some cases of abuse lead children to develop sexually transmitted infections or other signs of trauma to the body.

In the absence of these clearer physical signs, parents will need to look for sometimes subtle changes to their child’s emotions and behaviors. For example, children may respond to abuse by exhibiting intense mood swings, a newfound fear of other adults or specific daycare employees, or a sudden interest in sexual topics and behaviors.

Comfort Victims and Reassure Them of Their Safety

Suffering abuse at the hands of an adult who is meant to be caring for them is a profoundly frightening experience for any child to go through. Children in this position need to be assured that they’re safe and that they were never responsible for the abusive behavior. Communicating with a child in a comforting and non-judgmental tone and reassuring them that the abuse won’t be allowed to continue helps victims sense the emotional support they’ll need to begin to heal.

Report Abuse and Reach Out to a Qualified Lawyer

After a parent removes a child from an abusive environment, they’ll want to report the incident to the police as quickly as possible. Speaking with an attorney who specializes in cases dealing with Oklahoma daycare workers and sexual abuse will then allow parents to learn about how they can pursue civil lawsuits to recover costs associated with the abuse and hold perpetrators accountable.

The Law Firm Fighting for Victims of Daycare Abuse | Free Consultation

Learning that a child has suffered abuse within a daycare facility is a devastating experience that no family should have to navigate alone. Reaching out to the Oklahoma child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw ensures that you’ll get the guidance you need to fight for the future health and well-being of your child.

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