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Premises Liability Attorneys in Dallas

Among personal injury cases, premises liability law can be one of the most difficult to assess and pursue. Premises liability law deals with personal injury cases that are caused by unsafe or poorly maintained conditions on someone's property. Establishing such a case is often more complex than a work injury, auto accident, or other personal injury case because the injured party must prove that the liable party failed to ensure reasonable care of their property.

If you have been the victim of a personal injury that occurred on someone else’s property in Dallas, then attorneys at Carabin Shaw are ready to meet with you at no fee to discuss your case.

Premises Liability Attorneys of Dallas

Understanding the basics of a premises liability case in Dallas is essential when pursuing a claim after an injury. As with other personal injuries, such a case hinges on the negligence of the liable party. In the case of premises liability attorneys, this is the premises owner.

How Are Premises Liability Cases Pursued?

In these personal injury cases, it is the duty of the injured party to prove that the premises owner was negligent in the maintenance of their property. Often, this means that the legally required care for the property was not employed. Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw are experts in pursuing cases like these, and have years of experience in supporting those who have been injured in these cases.

Negligence Is Not Self-Evident

Suffering an injury on another individual’s property, regardless of severity or type, does not immediately mean that the owner of the property has been negligent. Similarly, a premises being in unsafe condition does not immediately mean that the owner has been negligent.

The injured party must prove that the property owner had knowledge of, or reasonably should have had knowledge of, the ways in which the premises were unsafe. It is with this knowledge, alongside the harm inflicted on the injured party due to improper maintenance on behalf of the property owner, that places the property owner as liable for the damages and injuries.

Free Consultation

Carabin Shaw’s Dallas injury lawyers are experienced in fighting for the rightful compensation for those who have suffered personal injuries. They understand that the time following such an injury is hectic and confusing, and navigating premises liability cases can be daunting under the weight of piling medical bills and lost work hours. That’s why lawyers at Carabin Shaw offer free initial consultation and case review for clients. At the client's convenience, an expert at Carabin Shaw will offer the necessary guidance for initially navigating premises liability personal injury cases.

Texas law states that all property owners claim responsibility for preventable accidents that occur on that property. Working with a local attorney ensures that this extent of the law will not overlook your injury. If you have been injured on another person’s property, whether it be a slip and fall accident, pool injury, dog bite, elevator and escalator accident, or other serious injury, premises liability attorneys in Dallas, such as those at Carabin Shaw, will help you to acquire the settlement that you are owed.

Carabin Shaw | Premises Liability Attorneys of Dallas

Personal injury cases that include premises require quality experience and expert knowledge to navigate, especially as they apply to local law and regulation. As quarantines lift and individuals find themselves more often on privately owned property, it is vital to have a skilled attorney in your corner in the case of such a personal injury.

Experts at Carabin Shaw have an established history of acquiring the compensation owed to injured parties, as Carabin Shaw’s client reviews illustrate. Those experts are ready to help you at your convenience, and are available with both English AND Spanish-speaking staff, 24/7, at 800-862-1260.

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