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Premises Liability Laws in San Antonio Texas

Personal injury cases are rarely cut-and-dry, but few are as involved and complex as claims that fall under the umbrella of premises liability law in San Antonio. If you have been injured due to another individual’s or organization’s negligence, and on their property, then working with an expert premises liability lawyer in San Antonio Tx will ensure that you receive the full compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

Attorneys at Carabin Shaw are experts in their field, and are dedicated to pursuing the best interests of their clients while making the process of filing a claim as worry-free as possible.

Premises liability cases can result in various catastrophic injuries, collecting incredible medical bills associated with recovery and healing. While your top concern should be with healing and recovering as well as you can, financial stress can impede that process in many ways. Alongside the lost work hours due to injury, potentially limited mobility, and many other negative impacts, focusing on recovery may even seem impossible.

That’s why trusted Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw fight for the justice you deserve from the moment of your accident to the moment you receive your financial compensation.

Our experts will help you file your claim, communicate with insurance agencies, and establish factors such as liability, estimate claim value, and establish your category of premises liability claim.

Premises Liability Law in Texas

Among the steps involved in filing a premises liability claim, establishing your relationship to the property owner at the time of your accident is one of the most important. The relationship between a victim and the property owner can be categorized in one of three ways, and each category is owed different levels of liability for injuries. Those three categories are listed and described for you here.

1. Invitee

An invitee is a person owed the highest degree of safety from the owner of a property. A licensee is an individual who enters a property with the express or implied permission of the property owner for the purpose of business that is of benefit to both the licensee and the property owner. This includes individuals such as diners at a restaurant, shoppers in a mall or store, guests in a hotel, and other similar relationships.

Property owners are required by law to make invitees aware of potential threats, make those threats safe, and inspect for threats that may not be initially known or identified.

2. Licensee

A licensee is a person owed safety, but to a lesser degree than invitees. A licensee also enters the owner’s property with implied or express knowledge, but typically for their own convenience or on business related to a third party. This includes party guests, listing friends, an individual delivering food, a yard worker, and other such roles.

Property owners are required to make potential dangers known to licensees, and to address egregious safety violations, but are not legally required to inspect for potential threats. It is in cases where the victim is a licensee that the aid of a San Antonio premises liability attorney is especially beneficial.

3. Trespasser

A trespasser enters the property without the knowledge or permission of the property owner. They are owed the least in terms of safety, though there are exceptions in the case of children and other groups.

Premises liability law is exceptionally complex, and working with an expert lawyer, like those at Carabin Shaw, will greatly increase the final compensation you can receive for your claim. Carabin Shaw’s client reviews contain first-hand accounts of our lawyers’ expert guidance.

Premises Liability Lawyers at Carabin Shaw

You deserve the guidance of the best premises liability law firm after suffering harm due to another party’s negligence. Our attorneys offer free initial consultation and case review. At your convenience, our English and Spanish-speaking staff is available 24/7 at the toll-free number 800-862-1260.

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