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Premises Liability Scenarios in Austin Tx

Have you or a loved one been injured on someone else’s property in the city of Austin? If so, you may be eligible to seek fair compensation for your injuries in a premises liability lawsuit with the help of an Austin premises liability attorney. These lawsuits can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for victims’ physical injuries, financial losses, and general suffering.

Unlike some other forms of injury law, however, determining premises liability can be complex. Essentially, Texas law states that if an individual or business proprietor explicitly or implicitly invites others onto their property, they have the duty to ensure their visitors a reasonable degree of safety. If they fail to do so and their visitor, customer, or guest are injured as a result of this negligence, they could be held legally and financially liable.

Are you unsure if your accident qualifies you to file a premises liability lawsuit? The following premises liability scenarios may help clarify some of the abstract legal jargon. However, it is important to consult with an experienced injury lawyer before taking legal action.

Inadequate Security

Example: while visiting her friend at a downtown apartment complex, a young woman is physically assaulted in the parking garage and her purse is stolen. Though she calls for help, there are no security guards available to come to her aid.

Slip and Fall Injury

Example: On a summer day, a little boy visits a swimming pool with his family. Because the swimming pool proprietors have not put up signage warning patrons not to run on the slippery deck, the little boy falls and breaks his arm.

Dog Bites

Example: A patron at a local outdoor cafe notices a cute dog at a nearby table. She approaches the owner to ask if she can pet the dog. Although the owner has knowledge that their dog has a history of aggression (and has failed to muzzle her pet), she tells the woman to go ahead. As the patron goes to pet the dog, the dog panics and bites her arm, leaving a serious wound.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Example: A four-year-old girl is invited to her classmate’s home for a playdate. The classmate’s parents allow the girls to play in the backyard, unsupervised. While playing, the little girl notices the family’s swimming pool. Unfortunately, the family has failed to lock the gate leading to the pool; the little girl passes through the gate and falls into the pool, sustaining serious brain damage while drowning.


Example: In defiance of local fire ordinances, a restaurant adds another table in front of their emergency exit. When a grease fire breaks out in the kitchen, patrons near the emergency exit are unable to escape due to the heavy table blocking the exit. As a result, these patrons sustain lung damage from inhaling the smoke from the fire.

Inadequate Maintenance

Example: A visitor at a hotel is taking the elevator to their room on the eighth floor. Unknown to the visitor, hotel management has failed to hire maintenance to fix an elevator that has recently been giving them problems. While the visitor is riding the elevator, the elevator suddenly drops and the visitor strikes their head while falling.

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