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Prescription Errors in El Paso

Have you been affected by medical prescription errors in El Paso? If those errors were the result of negligence, the treatment that you received constitutes malpractice, and you are likely entitled to some compensation. Carabin Shaw employs several El Paso medical malpractice lawyers with many years of combined experience representing patients who have been the victim of prescription error. If you are considering pursuing such a case, contact our El Paso office today for a free consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer in West Texas.

Wrong Drug

Malpractice attorneys break down prescription error into a few different categories, each of which constitutes negligence. “Wrong drug” errors are one of the most common and the most simple: prescribing the wrong drug for the necessary course of treatment. A physician might prescribe an inappropriate medication because they are not adequately familiar with that category of drugs, because of distraction, or as a result of a clerical error, such as accidentally selecting a similarly-named medication in an electronic system.

Wrong prescriptions can be dangerous, as the incorrect drug could have debilitating side-effects, harmful interactions with your other medications, or could cause harm to a patient who does not have the condition that the drug is meant to treat. If your physician prescribed the wrong medicine for your medical condition, contact one of Carabin Shaw’s El Paso hospital negligence lawyers to discuss the potential of a malpractice lawsuit.

Wrong Dosage

If your clinician prescribed the incorrect dosage of a medication, Carabin Shaw’s El Paso medical malpractice lawyers could help you decide your next steps. Wrong doses of prescriptions can be attributed to a failure to accurately assess a patient’s medical history or to a clerical error. An excessive dose can turn a helpful medication into a harmful agent, while an inadequate dose can allow your condition to worsen unnecessarily. Being prescribed the wrong dose of a drug is negligent and can constitute malpractice. If you have been prescribed what appears to be the incorrect dose of medication and have suffered as a result, talk to a medical malpractice attorney serving El Paso about the possibility of a lawsuit.

Wrong Instructions

Any malpractice lawyer will tell you that your medical provider’s job does not end at making sure you have the correct medicine at the right dosage. They must also provide patients with comprehensive directions on how often to take the medication, when to stop taking it, and for what drug interactions and side effects they should watch. Without this information, the patient is at risk of overdose, delaying treatment, and worsening the condition.

A doctor cannot assume that a patient already knows the right schedule for taking a new medication, and the failure of a prescriber to provide that information might constitute malpractice. If you believe that a recent course of medicine was harmful or ineffective because your doctor failed to provide proper instruction, contact one of our El Paso medical malpractice lawyers to discuss whether this is a case of negligence.

How Can I Find the Best Medical Negligence Lawyers Near Me?

Carabin Shaw employs several lawyers specializing in malpractice and prescription error. Our attorneys have years of experience representing patients who were impacted by prescription errors. Our goal is always to help our clients receive their due compensation.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional as soon as your health issues are taken care of: if you wait to press malpractice charges, your evidence will seem less compelling. Contact our El Paso office at 915-779-2301 or reach us toll-free at 1-800-862-1260 to consult with one of our El Paso hospital negligence lawyers about whether your case meets the criteria for a lawsuit.

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