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Refusing to Commit an Illegal Act in Laredo

Texas is an at-will employment state. This means that Laredo employers can terminate their employees for almost any reason at any given time. Although this seems unfair, there are federal and state protections in place for the employee. For example, you may be eligible to sue if you have been fired for refusing to commit an illegal act in Laredo.

If you are unsure you are protected, then you may want to speak with the Laredo employment lawyers of Carabin Shaw. Our lawyers are eager to take your case and get you the justice you deserve. With an office conveniently placed in Laredo, you won’t have to go far to receive the care and respect you deserve. Before speaking to a lawyer, here’s some quick information you may find useful for your case.

Protections for Workers

In order to determine if you were wrongfully fired in Texas, then you need to be familiar with state protections set in place for employees. Here’s a short list of some state-wide protections in Texas:

  • Sabine Pilot: This stems from the Sabine Pilot Case (1985), in which an employee was fired for refusing to participate in an illegal activity. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the firing was illegal, thereby setting precedent across the state.
  • Texas Whistleblower Act: Makes it illegal to retaliate or terminate an employee who, in good faith, reported an ethical or legal violation against their employer.
  • Discrimination laws: Series of laws which make it illegal to discriminate, during any point of the hiring or employment process, based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability.

These laws exist so as to give employees protections for certain activities. If you believe you suffered a wrongful termination, or wish to file a Sabine Pilot claim, then you must speak to a lawyer today. They will help explicate any other laws violated in your termination. If you were fired for refusing to commit an illegal act in Laredo, you may have a case.

After Being Terminated

Being terminated, especially when it is unjust, is inevitably difficult. Here are some tips to help with the aftermath.

What to do when wrongfully fired:

  • Try to remain calm and not act on any negative instincts towards your employer
  • Contact an employment attorney in your area
  • Inquire the reasons for your termination
  • Request your personnel file

If you are wondering, “I was fired unfairly, what should I do,” then you want to speak to Laredo employment lawyers as soon as you see fit. Generally, you have 180 days to file a wrongful termination claim. Speaking with a specialized employment attorney will guide you on what exactly what to do next. It is important to remain calm during this tumultuous time.

What Kind of Lawyer Should I Get?

Since you are interested in an employment law case, it is in your best interest to retain an employment lawyer who are familiar with business and employment law in the Laredo area. The lawyer’s specialization is important because it means that they are familiar with the intricate laws and statutes relevant to your case. It is important to pick a lawyer close to your area so that it is guaranteed they know the state and local legislature. In addition, picking a lawyer close to you will make them more accessible.

The lawyers at Carabin-Shaw have offices all over the state of Texas, including Laredo. We are able to provide full support to you due to our extensive team.

When to Contact a Lawyer

If you were terminated for refusing to commit an illegal act in Laredo, then you may be eligible for financial compensation. If you are interested and believe you have a case, then talk to a professional attorney at Carabin-Shaw today. Because there is a statute of limitations, or time period when you can file a case, on wrongful termination cases, it is important to speak to a professional immediately.

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