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San Antonio Medical Error Statistics

A 2016 study from John Hopkins School of Medicine indicates an alarming number of deaths due to medical errors. Over 250,000 people die annually from what the study reports are fully preventable mistakes, more than doubling the number of deaths from fifteen years prior. This makes medical errors the third leading cause of death in the United States. No doubt such devastating mistakes affect residents of San Antonio as well.

In recent years, the state of Texas has been noted by physician advocacy groups as a model of tort reform when it comes to medical malpractice suits. While this is great news for doctors and their insurers, this means that patients who have been the victims of medical malpractice in San Antonio must work harder to protect their right to receive compensation. As the second most populous city in Texas, we understand San Antonio medical error statistics are proportionate to the number of patients seeking care. That’s why we have some of the most qualified and experienced attorneys on our staff with experience in medical malpractice.

The attorneys of Carabin Shaw in San Antonio know you want to be sure that your rights as a patient are protected in the event of medical malpractice. If you find yourself one of San Antonio’s medical error statistics, you need to know you have an attorney who not only has the experience to represent you, but will also be ready to take on the doctors and hospitals who have their own lawyers working on their behalf.

The prospect of suffering an adverse medical condition or losing a loved one as the result of a medical professional’s or healthcare provider’s negligence can leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and the process to file a medical malpractice claim is daunting. It is our mission to lower these San Antonio medical error statistics, and we believe everyone who has been victimized by medical malpractice in San Antonio deserves the very best opportunity to recover from their loss.

As with any other type of lawsuit, your medical malpractice claim will be governed by a statute of limitations, meaning the suit must be filed within two years of the incident. What makes a medical malpractice suit different from other types of injury claims is a reliance not only on legal evidence, but also on medical expertise.

In a medical malpractice lawsuit, it must be proven that the medical professionals involved in the incident failed to meet their responsibility to provide care and avoid injuring those for whom they are caring. All medical professionals are required to meet a standard of care, and it must be proven that this standard was not met in order for a medical malpractice suit to be successful. This can be a very time-consuming and lengthy process, sometimes lasting years. Entrusting your medical malpractice event to a competent and dedicated attorney specializing in such cases is of the utmost importance.

Your first step is to contact our office in San Antonio and schedule an appointment. Our attorneys are ready to meet with you to discuss your case. When you meet with us, we will review the details of your claim and begin the work of securing and reviewing all of the necessary records, so we can be successful in advocating for your rights as a patient.

Don’t become just another San Antonio medical error statistic. Just because doctors and hospital may appear to have the deck stacked against you with their own legal team doesn’t mean you have to feel yours is a lost cause.

If you or a loved one is the victim of San Antonio medical malpractice, The laws of Texas outline very specific rights you have as a patient. You deserve the very best and most skilled legal assistance to ensure those rights are protected. Contact our office today and begin your journey to recover the compensation you deserve. Call on the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw today at 210-222-2288 or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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