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San Antonio Supermarket Accident

We spend a significant portion of our lives in supermarkets and grocery stores; most Sundays, there are crowds of people at San Antonio supermarkets making their purchases for the week. These businesses allow families to put food on the table and provide jobs to hundreds of local citizens.

Because of the important role grocery stores and supermarkets play in most of our lives, it is important that these businesses are property maintained, regularly inspected, and generally upkept. When grocery store owners, managers, and employees fail to maintain safe premises, customers can suffer serious injury.

Potential Risks in San Antonio Supermarkets

How do San Antonio supermarket accidents occur? Supermarkets occupy large properties and require many employees, pallet jacks, and equipment to operate. As a result, there are a variety of potential causes for accidents. Some of the most common causes of San Antonio supermarket accidents are:

Obstructed Aisles

Running a grocery store means stocking constant shipments of goods. Every time you visit your local supermarket, you are likely to see employees shelving large boxes of products. However, if these boxes are left unattended and scattered around the aisles, they can present a serious slip-and-fall risk.

Unsteady Product Displays

In order to create eye-catching displays, supermarket employees often stack cans of soda, rolls of paper towels, cases of water bottles, or other products. It is important that these displays are structurally sound; otherwise, an unsuspecting customer could suffer head trauma, bruising, or other injuries if struck by falling products.

Slippery Flooring

Supermarkets often have multiple aisles dedicated to frozen and refrigerated goods. If not properly maintained, industrial freezers can leak coolant or melting liquids, resulting in slippery aisles. Additionally, if employees fail to place wet floor signs after mopping, customers may slip on these areas unaware of the potential risk.

Dark Parking Lots

Inadequate lighting can result in a variety of accidents, including auto collisions, slip-and-falls, and physical assaults. Particularly because of the large size of typical supermarket parking lots, it is important to install regular streetlights to illuminate customers’ paths.

Who Is Liable for San Antonio Supermarket Accidents?

Texas’ Civil Practice and Remedies Code clearly stipulates that landowners owe their invited guests and lessees a duty of care. This duty of care constitutes a safe property OR acknowledgement/warning of dangerous conditions. If a property owner is aware of potentially hazardous conditions and does not take reasonable action to allay these issues, your premises liability lawyer in San Antonio can argue for their liability in your accident.

In the case of supermarket accidents, the liable party would be the owner of the property. However, in the case of large chains (such as HEB, Walmart, etc.), the question of ownership can sometimes be complicated. For example, was it the corporation’s negligence or the franchisee’s negligence that resulted in your accident?

Hiring a quality San Antonio premises liability law firm will help you to determine questions of liability in your accident. By analyzing the details of your claim, your premises liability attorney will ensure that any parties who had culpability in your accident are held financially responsible for your physical injuries, financial losses, pain, and suffering.

Injured at the Supermarket? Call the Texas Premises Liability Lawyers at Carabin Shaw

You have the right to sue negligent grocery store owners and reclaim compensation for your injuries. Carabin Shaw injury attorneys have specialized in Texas premises liability law to ensure victims are protected from these property owners’ insurance companies and representation.

In San Antonio and the surrounding area, there is no doubt that Carabin Shaw is the highest quality option to represent your claim. As Carabin Shaw’s client reviews show, we have a long history of success with San Antonio accident victims and their families. To schedule your free case review with a Carabin Shaw premises liability lawyer, call our office toll-free at 800-862-1260 to reach our 24/7 English and Spanish-speaking staff.

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