San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyers

Injured in a Truck Accident.

Our San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyers know the law and we have the resources you need on your side to win.

Our team understand the physics, we understand the mechanism and forces and we that accidents involving heavy trucks have a higher probability than car accidents to result in serious, catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Common Truck Accidents

Truck accidents commonly involve:

  • Collision with two or more vehicles
  • Impacting cyclists
  • Impacting pedestrians
Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Our experienced team of truck accident attorneys are know and understand the common causes of large trucking accidents, including, but limited to:

  • Truck driver error,
  • Truck driver violation of traffic laws,
  • Truck driver fatigue,
  • Distracted truck driving
  • Texting Truck Driver
  • Cellphone talking Truck Driver
  • Improperly trained Truck Driver
  • Truck driver driving while intoxicated
  • Truck driver driving while under the influence of drugs
  • Improperly inspected Truck
  • Poorly maintained Truck
  • Defective Truck
  • Malfunctioning Truck parts
  • Failure to drive safely under the weather conditions
  • Failure to drive safely under the road conditions
  • Aggressive truck driver conduct
  • A truck drivers failure to compensate for the multiple blind spots where vehicles are virtually invisible to the truck driver
  • Operating the truck with an unsecured load on the back
  • Failure to slow or brake the truck in the proper manner
  • Overweight or Excess weight of truck loads
  • Under inflated, defective or under maintained tires
Federal Law Enforcement

Due to the severity of the injuries from truck accidents and the frequency of truck accidents, there are strict federal laws on the books for truck drivers and truck companies.

Our truck accident attorneys are available, 24/7 and can review and discuss the following legal restrictions for truck drivers:

  • Work Shifts. How long truck drivers may be on the job (14 hour shift)
  • Understanding how often they must take rest periods (10 hours prior to a 14 hour shift; 30 minutes after 8 hours of driving; and 34 hours once every seven days)
  • How long is a truck driver allowed to operate or drive a truck in a given day (11 hours in a 14 hour shift)
  • How often is the truck driver tested for drug use
  • How much weight can a truck haul
  • Type of cargo can the truck haul
  • How must the load be secured or tied down
  • How often must large commercial trucks and their systems be inspected and serviced
  • Requirement of pre- and post-trip inspections and the documenting requirements
  • The mandates for drivers to maintain logs of their hours and distanced traveled
  • Retention of truck repair and/or work orders
Select an Experienced San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer Firm

Truck accidents are complex.

Our attorneys know how to handle these potentially complicated cases like:

  • Truck companies ignoring rules
  • Truck companies encouraging rule violations by demanding tight deadlines
  • The failure of truck companies to provide adequate driver training.
  • Drivers fabricating or manipulating their logs for purposes of defrauding inspectors.


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