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San Antonio Wrongful Termination Case Qualifications Under Sabine Pilot

Have you ever been asked by your San Antonio employer to do something illegal? Were you fired for your refusal? When this happens, what should you do? Texas is, after all, an employment-at-will state, which means that employers may terminate a worker at any time, for any reason, and without explanation, right? But is that really how San Antonio employment law works? Is this considered wrongful termination?

If you are in a similar situation and trying to navigate the murky waters of employment law alone, a lawyer’s guidance will be especially helpful.

Employment Law in Texas

In 1985, the Texas Supreme Court heard the case Sabine Pilot v. Hauck. This case was a challenge to Texas’ employment-at-will doctrine. Until this time, many businesses hid under state employment laws to commit unethical acts. A worker, Michael Hauck, refused to commit a crime at the direction of his employer, Sabine Pilot, who fired him for this decision. The court ruled that, while Texas is an employment-at-will state and remains so, a worker cannot lose his or her job for refusing to commit an illegal act even (and especially if) his employer demands it.

This decision changed employment law in Texas and gave rise to the Sabine Pilot doctrine that protects those facing wrongful termination.

Does Your Case Qualify?

San Antonio wrongful termination case qualifications under Sabine Pilot need careful examination. The most significant issue is that the worker’s refusal must be the sole reason for his or her termination. This criterion is not always easy to prove in court. Some employers will attempt to work around a Sabine Pilot claim by citing other grounds for terminating the worker and, occasionally, even falsifying records.

An experienced attorney is often your best ally when looking into San Antonio wrongful termination case qualifications under Sabine Pilot. A wrongful termination lawyer in San Antonio will have the knowledge and experience to help you with your claim. The San Antonio employment lawyers of Carabin Shaw have helped many wrongfully terminated men and women hold their former employers accountable for their actions and receive the compensation to which they are entitled. This compensation may include lost wages, potential future wages, or even reinstatement if it is deemed appropriate.

If your San Antonio employer wrongfully terminates you, you may feel alone, ashamed, and with no place to turn. You may be unaware of the legal resources you have at our disposal. The problem is that many people will accept the illegal decision of their employer without question and believe they have no recourse. Their former employer may even try to intimidate them or convince them there is nothing they can do. However, our attorneysthink every wrongfully terminated person deserves to have an advocate for their rights, and we are ready to help you.

Carabin Shaw San Antonio Employment Lawyers: A Powerful Voice for You

The attorneys at the law office of Carabin Shaw have a thorough knowledge of employment law in Texas and have provided legal assistance to countless workers wrongfully terminated by their employers. We know what it takes to advocate for workers’ rights and will not be intimidated by the actions of disreputable employers.

We make working with us easy. Just call our office in San Antonio and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys. Your initial consultation with us is always free of charge and carries no obligation to you. We will gather the information we need to assess your San Antonio wrongful termination case qualifications under Sabine Pilot with the goal of holding your employer accountable for their actions.

When you decide to let us represent you, we will take on all communication with your former employer and their representatives. Also, each of our lawyers works on a contingency fee basis meaning we will charge you no fees until we win your case.

If you are wrongfully terminated and need an attorney in San Antonio, call our office today at 800-862-1260.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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