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Sexual Abuse at Daycare or Child Care in Dallas

For many working parents in Dallas Tx, finding a reliable source of child care is essential. For these families, choosing a child care facility requires that parents place their trust in an organization and its employees to look after each of their child’s needs while they’re away. That’s why when parents learn that their child has been the victim of sexual abuse at daycare or child care, the experience is both heartbreaking and devastating. Parents may not know where to turn for the help they need to hold perpetrators accountable and support their child on their path to recovery.

While no legal process can fully account for the harm caused to children when they’ve been victims of sexual abuse, civil lawsuits can help parents to recover the compensation they need to assist in their child’s recovery. The Texas child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw have the experience needed to file successful claims that secure the fair and comprehensive financial settlements that victims and their families deserve.

What to Do to Recognize and Stop Daycare Abuse

Sadly, abuse within daycare and child care facilities happens far more frequently than most people realize. And while parents may not always be able to prevent abuse from occurring in the first place, they can intervene decisively if they are aware of the common signs of abuse and what they can do to stop it.

The following is a list of advice from Dallas child sexual abuse attorneys meant to empower parents to quickly recognize abuse when it occurs and take decisive action to hold perpetrators accountable:

Watch for Common Signs of Abuse

In some cases, physical signs that sexual abuse has taken place will be quickly noticed by a parent. These include torn or soiled clothing, or redness, swelling, and other forms of trauma to a child’s genital area. In many instances, however, signs of abuse will be much more subtle and difficult to detect. For this reason, parents should watch closely for sudden changes in a child’s mood or behavior that might indicate that abuse has occurred. Common behavioral changes that may emerge in response to abuse include clinginess, sudden fear of being left alone with non-family members, frequent bed-wetting or nightmares, and a sudden interest in sex or reenactment of age-inappropriate sexual behaviors.

Report Abuse to Appropriate Authorities

While parents may be tempted to confront perpetrators on their own, doing so could put both their child and themselves at greater risk. By quickly reporting instances of abuse to police and other state authorities, parents can ensure that an abusive worker will be removed from their position and tried in criminal court.

Consult With a Specialized Attorney

Taking legal action against perpetrators of daycare abuse in Dallas Tx can be a complicated and taxing process. Generally speaking, perpetrators will be tried in criminal court before victims and their families can pursue the civil lawsuits that allow them to recover financial compensation for their damages. Working with a skilled lawyer ensures that families will take all the steps necessary to formulate a successful claim and that they don’t have to face the aftermath of an abusive incident alone.

The Trusted Law Firm for Dallas Daycare Abuse | Free Consultation

If your child has been the victim of sexual abuse within a Dallas child care facility, you’ll want to do everything in your power to stop the abuse and secure the resources you need to help your child heal. With the assistance of the Texas child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw, you can ensure that appropriate legal action is taken with the highest standard of professionalism and care.

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