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Should I Hire a Lawyer After My Motorcycle Accident?

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in San Antonio, you know that it’s hard to determine what to do next. The combined physical and emotional pain, impending bills, and the anxiety about receiving proper compensation can be overwhelming. To ensure you know your rights and the most strategic course of action, you should speak with a San Antonio motorcycle injury attorney.

At Carabin Shaw, we have the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Texas and are ready to guide you through these stressful circumstances. Our attorneys promise to do more than other law firms by giving 100% of our energy to your case. You might be wondering, “Should I hire a lawyer after my motorcycle accident?” The answer is yes. Let us explain why you need a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer.

What to Do After Your Accident

After surviving a motorcycle accident in San Antonio, there are many steps to securing compensation for motorcycle accident injuries. With our years of experience working motorcycle accident cases in San Antonio, the Carabin Shaw team knows that the following guidelines are essential to making the most of your case:

  • Don’t admit fault: Anything you say after an accident can be used against you, so don’t admit fault, even if you’re worried that you’re partially responsible. Limit your contact with other involved parties, including insurance companies.
  • Visit a doctor and follow his or her advice: Get a proper medical evaluation to determine how to handle after motorcycle accident pain. Follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure that the opposing parties can’t argue that your injuries are unrelated to the accident.
  • Document everything and file a claim: Throughout the process, keep track of things like medical bills, conversations with the at-fault party, insurance records, police reports, and any symptoms related to your accident injuries.
  • Reject any claim that is less than you deserve: More often than not, the insurance company will offer you less than you should receive. If their initial offer is not the reasonable compensation you expect, reject the claim.

There are many steps involved in assembling a winning case. Because of the lengthy procedures and all the possible mistakes you could make, having an experienced San Antonio motorcycle injury attorney in your corner can help you achieve proper compensation.

Assessing the Value of Your Damages

In personal injury cases, there are “trial values” and “settlement values.” A trial value is the amount you think you should reasonably earn if you won at trial. However, every trial comes with the risk of losing, so a settlement value is the number you would settle for, usually based on an estimated percentage of your likelihood of winning at trial. For example, if you believe you should be awarded $100,000 but only think you have a 25% chance of winning, you could accept a settlement of around $25,000.

The value of your damages will be based on an accumulation of many factors: the extent of your injuries; any lost pay due to your incapacity to work; money for physical and emotional turmoil and other “non-economic” damages; medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and time spent in the ICU, among others.

Knowing how to calculate your trial value and when it is in your best interest to accept a settlement is tough, and the only way to make the best decision is to have an attorney to guide you.

Let Our Team Help You

You ask, “Should I hire a lawyer after my motorcycle accident?” The answer is simple: Yes. Always. Lawyers are here to make your life easier. At Carabin Shaw, we do everything in our power to satisfy our clients and ease their troubles, which is why we offer a free consultation. This appointment is an opportunity to have a lawyer hear your case and figure out how to best proceed.

If you’re searching “motorcycle attorney near me,” look no further. A motorcycle personal injury lawyer from our firm is here to advocate for you.

Call our San Antonio office today at 210-222-2288 or toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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We are very glad we called Carabin Shaw after our accident. We now recommend them to everyone. - Griselda S.
You want Carabin Shaw on your side after an accident. They were excellent. - Valerie S.
In our opinion, no one is better, Carabin Shaw is the Law Firm you want on your side after an accident. - Amanda G.
The attorneys and staff went out of their way to help us after our accident. Thank you Carabin Shaw. - Melinda F.
We did our research after our accident and chose Carabin Shaw. They were great. Highly recommend. Joel Y.